The Countdown to Psyclo’s Long-Awaited Debut Album: Shxffle

Psyclo, real name Ming, is a rising singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. Some of her previous work includes her EP Slaughter House and Singles Volatile, Trephination, and 2 Day Old Soda. On 3 February, she will be dropping her debut album, Shxffle. For Psyclo, music wasn’t something she immediately picked up as a child. Growing up in China, she was more drawn to painting and anime. 

Psyclo credits these early childhood activities for helping her to bring abstract ideas to life, a concept that has helped shape her unique blend of hip-hop, death metal, and hard rock. Psyclo tried to sing when she was young but got discouraged by her lack of knowledge of music theory. 

Looking back on her music journey, Psyclo says that she learned that you don’t have to figure out everything before you start creating, “Having the entire world of knowledge won’t do anything until you take the first practical step. Sometimes you don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. If you love it, you’ll keep doing it and get better and better.”


At seventeen, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. Although she still uses what she learned in film school in her music videos, Psyclo’s found a job in film difficult because it required a lot of social contacts. During college, she decided to pivot and pursue a career in music. 

Shxffle’s tracklist has twenty songs, including Two Past Twelve, Open On Holidays, A Place That I Understand, I’m So Happy, Bones and Netherworld. The leading single, Two Past Twelve, is the only one made available on pre-release.

Two Past Twelve sounds moody, and Psyclo’s voice sounds raspy, almost like someone who has been crying the whole night. She then goes on to rant, “I don’t understand, I don’t understand, I try not to break my soul.” This raw emotion captures her essence as an artist, to use music as her therapy in the hopes that it can fulfill the same need in her listeners. 

Psyclo’s previous work has tackled complex, everyday struggles, including guilt, loneliness, death, and feeling stuck and trapped. In Shxffle, she will take her listeners through her journey to self-awareness, her struggles with understanding her feelings and instincts, and believing in her capabilities. Known for her blunt lyricism and approach, Shxffle will surely leave fans wanting to do a lot of self-reflection.

The whole album has been mixed and engineered by Psyclo. Furthermore, she has added that Kaleidoscope feels by listing the songs randomly. Although all songs speak to one overall narrative, each song has a stand-alone theme that isn’t a continuation of the previous song. 

In an interview, Psyclo stated that the best advice she has been given is, “Sometimes wrong choices bring people to the right places.” Shxffle will be a journey of all that has contributed to her being the eccentric, status-quo-defying, multi-genre artist she is. You can check out the artist’s website or follow her on instagram.