The electrifying performance of Tony Dapro in his latest EP, ‘The Comeback’ leaves the audience in awe!

IRS is one of the most exciting songs on The Comeback, the newest EP release from Tony Dapro. Tony is an independent artist who has reached thousands of followers thanks to his unique style, high-quality music, and exciting, engaging beats that keep the audience hooked and wanting more. 

The Comeback is the newest EP from this talented artist, working with genres like trap and rap to create something new, exciting, and challenging for the audience. With clever lyrics and dope beats, the artist offers a cool option for listeners looking for something new within the rap genre, and Tony provides the right voice and delivery. 

This up-and-coming rapper has thousands of fans on social media and social music platforms, such as Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and more. He has chosen to center his music rather than his personal life and is building a meticulously constructed rapper persona that reflects his ideas and skills in a way that engages the audience.


The rapper has reached an audience from across the United States and even other countries thanks to his beats, unique sound, and awesome lyrics that have helped him stand out. IRS is a song that showcases his talent effectively, offering the audience a wild and engaging ride from start to finish, featuring strong vocals, delivery, lyrics, and a catchy beat. Listeners point out the hot and challenging lyrics, the beat that stays with you, and the overall talent of the artist. IRS, in particular, features exciting contributions from other artists, such as Ppmo Montana, Keke Kwyatt, JonMeglaDon, and others as well, which adds a lot of spice to the piece and helps it stand out even among the songs on this short EP. It’s a fun track to listen to and is sure to add a bit of enjoyment to the day of any rap fan, especially those not afraid to seek out indie talents.

IRS comes along with other songs on The Comeback, such as Greasy NowWoo Slatt, and Head Hancho. All the songs are explicit to allow the artist to explore better what he wants to explore and create a smart, biting, edgy piece that is not afraid to be genuine, even if it goes against someone’s sensibilities. 


IRS and The Comeback, in general, are likely to appeal to fans of rap and hip-hop looking for distinct, powerful, and engaging pieces that step outside the mainstream. They might be especially well-received by those fans who are seeking edgier artists who are not afraid to speak out and make content that does not follow the rules and conventions.

You can find Tony Dapro on Instagram @darealtonydapro and Facebook. Make sure to follow the artist on Spotify to stay tuned for any new releases. As the title of The Comeback promises, this is only the first of many upcoming projects that are sure to earn Tony many new fans. Don’t miss new releases and check out Tony’s previous work, such as Mauston, a single that came out earlier in 2021 to good reception. 


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