Zaythemusic and Jayywallin’s latest EP, ‘The Chosen Ones’, reflects passion, power & inspiration!


The Chosen Ones is the brand new release from Music Artist Zaythemusic. With four unique tracks in collaboration with Jayywallin, The Chosen Ones offers a unique listening experience, inspiring, dynamic, and beautiful. Both artists believe that they are meant to reach greatness in the music industry and do everything to reach this point.

Zaythemusic is known for producing exciting music that can get anyone dancing. He studied audio engineering and music production, interning at Lounge Studios, top audio and visual production company in New York. During this internship, Zaythemusic developed the necessary foundation to produce high-quality music and sound and reinforced his passion for music, feeling even more certain it was his calling.

The two artists have forged an unbreakable bond that helps bring out the best of their talents and create a versatile combination of styles. Released on November 18, The Chosen Ones is an anthem for the future that expresses the power of the artists’ dream of success and the belief that God chose them to showcase their strong points. The EP has a lot of emotion and passion behind it, and this is shown in every beat and lyric of the tracks.

There is also a charming music video for Talk of the Town, showcasing fun and energized visuals that offer a perfect complement to the project.

Even in a competitive music scene like the one in New York, this collaboration is sure to find a strong audience, with thousands of followers already and the number growing every day. The Chosen Ones stands out, thanks to its top-notch production values, passion, emotional strength, and other traits that help it be distinct among the sea of indie releases.

Listen to The Chosen Ones on all major music streaming platforms. Follow their Instagram @zaythemusic and @jayywallin to see what they are up to.


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