Steph Lyon’s latest EP, Keep It Moving gives a powerful message with strong drill energy.

Steph Lyon has released his third EP, Keep It Moving, on December 17. The 6-track project reflects the message of releasing negativity and accepting who you truly are. With an uplifting message that is sorely needed today, it is a way of finding positive emotions with an exciting new release.

Steph Lyon has been recognized for his signature drill sound, trap sound, and melodic trap. His music is full of energy, fire, and passion. It is positive and mindful, sure to drive any negative emotions away, giving his music a lot of feelings.

Currently based in Ottawa, Canada, Steph was raised in Athy, Ireland. Later, he moved to Dublin, then finally settled in Canada with his team. His music career started in 2017, and his first release was the unofficial EP Lyon Galaxy. His first official debut was ‘WORLD dRIP,’ released in 2019, then followed by ‘LIBRA CHILD’ in 2020. The mixtape ‘WORLD dRIP’ was based around his trap sound, while ‘LIBRA CHILD’ features his melodic trap sound. Both projects received positive responses, streams rocketing to 50K+ streams to date.


Steph Lyon does not have the time or energy to deal with negativity. He does not care for the haters and anything they say about his music. Keep It Moving is very much a reflection of this attitude and a mindful approach to life in general. He hopes to send the message that one should be who they are authentically and disregard anyone who does not agree. Keep It Moving is all about the journey one chooses to take and being faithful to it no matter what others say.

With a lot of inspiration and musical skill, ‘Keep It Moving’ is a professional piece of art that offers a lot of inspiration and strength to anyone who needs it. Lyon and his team create original and stunning music that blends genres and provides a lot of fiery music delivered straight to your eardrums.

You can find Keep It Moving, as well as past projects on major music platforms, including Spotify. Connect with Steph Lyon on Instagram @seyi_lyon and stay tuned for future releases.


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