Dallas-based The Dirty Shirts’ new song ‘Shake’ resonates with streaks of Rock and Blues.

Shake is the fresh new single from The Dirty Shirts. Shake is an old-fashioned track in classic blues-rock style that is sure to get people dancing and bobbing along. With a lot of swaggers and styles, Shake makes big promises for their upcoming full-length album.

This rock n’ roll outfit likes to draw inspiration from the classics. With the style of The Rolling Stones and Rival Sons, they offer some bold licks from Nick Santa Maria, the lead guitarist, and, for Shake, vocalist Rachel Farrell joined for a lovely guest spot.

Shake offers a fun narrative about the possibility of obsessive infatuation. That projection we experience in a club when we catch sight of someone we might fall in love with, even if we never see them again. It is emotional and transports the listeners straight to that club environment, with its drinks and loud music, and goes through a lifetime of feelings throughout a single song.


The track features an exciting combination of different elements: big vocal hooks, huge drums, driving bass lines, and big guitar sounds to express the emotion behind it, all that drew Nick to his art in the first place. It is a shameless homage to his favorite music and brings a lot of nostalgia along with it.

Shake features the work from engineer Tre Nagella, a multi-Grammy-winning engineer from Luminous Sound studio, also tapped to be the producer for the yet-to-be-announced debut full-length. It’s a fun and exciting song with a surprisingly deep message and an exploration of a particular experience. It is an effective throwback to classic rock days with a style and a guitar sound that makes it feel authentic and organic. It is indeed a great song for rock and blues fans and anyone looking for new bands to follow.

Stream this dance floor rock n roll track via Spotify and other major music platforms. Make sure to follow the band ‘The Dirty Shirts’ on Instagram @thedirtyshirtsus, and stay tuned for their upcoming full-length album.


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