Seattle artist Bry444n spreads positive vibes through his soulful compositions in the album EQUINOX.


EQUINOX is the newest EP from Seattle-based artist Bry444n. It has three fresh tracks: The Future Iz HereAngels, and Keep it Positive. The release follows his album, The Slumflower Series

Bry444n is a spoken word artist and vocalist who focuses on New Age lyricism. His songs and music are infused with an esoteric essence to elevate it to a whole new level. Bryan wants to tell stories through his words and sound, with soulful music and authentic lyrics that can make an impact on the listener. This description is also true of the album that has a strong spiritual element. 


The sound is definitely a fusion with powerful hip-hop elements, as well as influences from soul, gospel, and more… The tracks are delivered as a kind of rap sermon with strong messages and music meant to express soulfulness. Through the vocals, the lyrics, and the musical arrangement, Bry444n manages something unique and artistic. 


As the names of the tracks indicate, the EP focuses on inspiration and has strong themes of hope and resilience. It addresses the struggles we face from a spiritual perspective and filters them through Bry444n’s own difficult past. Each track has a distinctive sound but also a common vision supported by the artist’s ability to deliver every line with a strong conviction.

Other artists seek to blend rap with different genres, but Bry444n has focused his sights on spirituality and brings in a soulful sound into his tracks. It works, and the music he provides is powerful and distinct. Creating a new identity for himself, Bry444n does offer a unique take on the genre with a deeper meaning to the lyrics and a message that can resonate with many.

EQUINOX is an evolution and touches on similar themes to the last album, The Slumflower Series, which also involves a blend of genres that combined jazz, hip hop, and spoken word with topics of spirituality.


Br444n finds that the genre of Spoken Word is underrepresented and not give enough consideration, so let’s hope that he can give it more visibility through his work. He wants to create songs with a deep sense and meaning, each album and piece presenting strong thematic connections and messages.

EQUINOX is worth a listen for hip hop fans who are looking for a new type of sound. It can also be an inspiration for people who enjoy spiritual music and want songs with a deeper meaning and something to interpret and consider. We await more releases from Bry444n to see where he will take his art next and what topics he will explore.

Br444n’s EQUINOX is available on Spotify to listen anywhere. You can also listen to his previous album, The Slumflower Series, on the platform. 

You can check out his Instagram @emotion_isnt_weakness.