Rising Multi-Talented Songstress Reina Subramanian’s Latest Masterpiece, “dance on the moon,” Is as Entertaining as It Is Meaningful!

Reina Subramanian continues her unfaltering reputation as an insightful musician with the release of her second track, “dance on the moon.” Building on the bulging wave of momentum built by her debut single “Breathe Slow,” which has garnered deserved and critical acclaim and pulled impressive numbers on various platforms, Reina highlights the fierce spirit and determination of an artist who refuses to stand still and is seeking to leave an indelible mark on the music front.

Her new record, “dance on the moon,” builds on her seemingly balanced foundation: impressively complex yet melodically infectious. Through the tales of self-independence and self-affirmation, the phrasing and delivery let the listener develop their relationship with the lyrics. Reina Subramanian sounds like a pop star; her knack for finding pop hooks is golden.

I love how this track transcends; through the dulcetly hit piano tunes that seamlessly blend with the foot-tapping grooves and powerful drums, there is a reflection of that self-love and belief in taking over the world and literally ‘dancing on the moon!’

While sometimes being on your own might feel scary and other times overwhelming, most of the time, riding solo is indescribably beautiful, hopeful, and deeply inspiring. May I remind you that most of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit and think quietly in a room alone!

And because you’re the only person you’ll be with your entire life, why not strengthen your relationship with your greatest self, fully know your genius, and start a lifetime love affair with your most noble nature?

Reina Subramanian’s harmonious vocals are effortlessly powerful and intriguingly pertain to the genre appeal of pop.

Just follow the link below to stream “dance on the moon” and add it to your library. You can expect to hear many new songs released by Reina, as she is in her most creative state of mind!

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