Rendezvous with Iyana Ferrell, Songwriter and Founder of Music company Blacklist Music Group.

usToday, we have the pleasure of interviewing Iyana Ferrell, a female songwriter, vocal producer, and engineer from Emporia, Virginia.

Hi Iyana, Great to have you with us today! Please tell us about your journey.

I started writing music when I was seven years old. Music was an outlet and how I dealt with growing up without my biological father. I remember spending summers with my half-sister and brothers Deché, Devon, and Darius in Woodbridge, Virginia. Their dad Alfonso Doyle, who took me in like I was his daughter, had a music studio downstairs in the basement. We learned how to record and mix our own music before we were teenagers. I’d have composition books full of song lyrics and would record myself on an old tape recording when I was back at home. While my siblings lived in Woodbridge, I grew up separated from them in Emporia, Virginia. By the time I was in high school, I was selling verses to friends and guys at school for $75. After joining Greenville County High School Marching Band (G-Force) at the end of my 7th-grade year, I learned how to read and play sheet music on trumpet. The band kept me off the streets and out of a lot of trouble. 


What motivates you?

My husband Demetre Ferrell, my son Zaiir Ferrell, my moms Angie Sharp and Kecia Jackson, and my step up dads Alfonso Doyle, Justus Sharp, and Rohan Jackson, and my grandmothers Stella Potts and Olivia Sharp motivate me in this musical journey.

Please tell us about your music projects.

In my senior year of high school, I wrote ‘Valentine’ for YK Osiris, which is now RIAA Certified Platinum. Since then, my songwriting career has opened up, allowing me to work with Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum producer/songwriters such as Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins, Teddy Riley, OrlandoThaGreat, Rey Reel, Fif Element, and many more. I have also worked with a great number of talented independent artists as well. In 2020 I decided to partner with a great friend of mines, Carlos Brown, to start our own music company Blacklist Music Group as well as a songwriter camp, The Playbook, where we work on demos, license sync opportunities, and movie soundtracks with independent artist, producers, and writers. So far, I have recruited Los Brown, Gentraè Rogerz, Coop Deniro, and Touché. We are currently working on viral artist 3rika Kayn3’s debut album, as well as some of your favorite mainstream artists.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

I would definitely say not being afraid to use my resources. Social media is your best friend. Dm these artists, A&Rs and producers. They’ll either respond or not, but the thing is always to be prepared to sell yourself when that time comes. What I mean by that is to showcase yourself the best way possible. 

Any message for our readers.

None of what I have accomplish would be possible without God and the hand of favor he has always had over my life. Check me out, I always got something exciting going on, and you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of me soon!

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

 You can connect via Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, TikTok, Lum. Pretty much anywhere at @iamkasualtee.


Thank you so much, Iyana, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!