Listen to the latest hip hop and rap track ‘RED and BLUE’ by Attorneys with Swag…


RED and BLUE‘ is the newest release from Attorneys with Swag and an exciting new track in the hip-hop/rap genre. 

Focusing on a topic that has shaken not just America but the world, this release is bold and fearless with its lyrics.

This is the second release from the group, following their debut single ‘Deduct It.‘ ‘RED and BLUE‘ focuses on police violence and just what happens to a person of color who has an encounter with the police. BLM has brought this topic to the forefront, and today it is especially important to understand and discuss it, and the Attorneys with Swag are uniquely well-positioned to give their take. Attorneys with Swag (AWS) is a group of minority attorneys and educators who want to empower and educate the people from their communities and communicate about the law truthfully and without losing perspective. 


In addition to their music, the group produces a podcast and a show. The Attorneys with Swag show is an original web series that discusses legal matters that directly impact diverse communities in an easy and engaging way. The podcast was chosen as the medium during the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a similar concept under the title The Jury’s Out. Currently, there are 11 episodes out, with more to come soon. The music and art the group produces, support their mission and make their message more accessible for people across the country and beyond.

Deduct It‘ was a lighter single, but this one engages fully and seriously with the theme and topic, just as it merits. It points out how different the experience is for people of color and how a casual encounter with the police can turn deadly only because of one’s skin color.  

The single has effective lyrics and a strong beat. The social problem at the center of it gives a lot of power to the track overall. The video is somber, too, offering just the right visuals to support the central message. With powerful lyrics and vocals, this is a stand-out hit that comes out at just the right time. 

You can check out the below video of their latest single:  

Music has always been a powerful tool for education, empowerment, and entertainment. This single combines all three goals, producing a powerful piece that is also a solid music production with excellent visuals and a strong message. The Attorneys with Swag are showcasing a lot of talent and putting their music to good use.

You can find ‘RED AND BLUE‘ on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Discover more from the Attorneys with Swag on their website or by following them on Instagram @attorneyswithswag. 

Stay updated to see what the Attorneys will bring you next and empower yourself through understanding and learning more about the law in a fun and easy way.