R&B artist Anizzy has finally released his highly anticipated EP, “You.”

Ever since he got into the music industry and decided to pursue his insatiable musical passion, Indian-born, and American-bred artist Anizzy has been able to carve out an indelible niche for himself as he breaks genre boundaries with his genre-defiant, dynamic, and inclusive sound that blends R&B sound with traditional Bollywood elements from his native Indian roots. The result is something unique, beautiful, and worthy of any listener’s time.

After much teasing of the release of his new EP, the day is finally with us; “You” is out and streaming on all the popular platforms. More than anything, this 5-track collection reflects Anizzy’s musical journey and growth as an artist and songwriter.

“You” resulted from a slow and careful songwriting process, aiming to create a classic EP that would stand the test of time while highlighting Anizzy’s personal growth as a songwriter and artist. With the completed project, Anizzy is confident they have achieved just that.

“You” is also a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in its creation.

“Give Me A Sign” has been given that cinematic thrill with the careful builds backed by heavy drops. Anizzy’s voice is full and beautifully haunting over the mesmerizing melodies and crisp mix that complement his signature vocals, making this track an irresistible and infectious tune bound to get stuck in your head.

“I Imagine” gets off to an arresting guitar intro that lays the perfect foundation for the vibrant, deep-phased melodies that follow, ultimately laying down the ice for Anizzy’s mellifluous vocals to skate on. There is also that sing-along element to the delivery that really invites the listener effortlessly, flanked by that memorable chorus that takes up residence in a listener’s mind for the rest of the day.

“I Want More” is an emotional hip hop/R&B jam that passionately describes a guy trying to make a relationship work and refusing to give up; a song about ‘love and this almost lustful relationship.’

The entirety of “You” promises to offer a glimpse into Anizzy’s evolution as an artist and songwriter and his relentless pursuit of excellence to not only captivate his listener but draw them in with relatable performances that reflect his personal experiences with love!

The title track features a captivating guitar intro backed by Anizzy’s sweet-sounding vocals as the track adopts a stripped-back feel featuring Anizzy’s signature flows and profound lyrics that explore the theme of love.

Already streaming on all the popular streaming platforms, this is your chance to experience something timeless, catchy, relevant, and enchanting simultaneously!

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