Rapper Joye Marelyn drops his incredible Music video ‘Woodlands’ brimming with sleek and vibrant rap.

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Woodlands is the new single and music video from Joye Marelyn. The rapper and songwriter brings a new beat with striking visuals that are all the product of his creative mind. 

Woodlands is a rap track with a clear melody and a powerful beat with lyrics that draw attention. The just-released music video is eye-catching and has striking bright visuals set against the dark background of a shadowed old museum. The contrast creates a bit of an eerie effect and successfully juxtaposes the old and the new. 

Joye created and wrote the song that flowed freely when he first heard the beat. Woodlands is an intensely personal song that showcases the artist’s experiences and perception, a glimpse into the life and perspectives of the rapper.

Joye Marelyn is a rapper and a hip-hop artist, also known as Kevin Joiner. Joye Marelyn became interested in music as a child when he watched his dad play the guitar and the piano. Later, he approached it seriously and began a professional career with a focus on songwriting. He has been featured in Complex, Pigeon and Planes, Earmilk, and has also been in a Sprite commercial alongside Lebron James. He has been making music for a while, and if you like Woodlands, you might want to check out his playlists on Spotify and SoundCloud.


Previous releases of Joye include Amerikkkan Idol, focusing on the pursuit of glamour and clout, and Dying To Get Drunk. Joye Marelyn seems to prefer darker subjects that he examines unflinchingly and often powerfully to create music that challenges the listener. With strong beats and vocals, and lyrics that stand out, the artist offers rap tracks for the fans of the genre. 

Woodlands is a smooth song. While his music is not PG-friendly, it offers something challenging and cohesive that can attract a lot of listeners. Joye has a strong creative vision that is reflected in his lyrics and also in the videos that he has directed, including Woodlands. This means that we are getting the whole package, and it is telling how well the two harmonize with each other.

His music videos are available on YouTube. After quite a few releases and several music videos under his belt, it remains to be seen what Joye Marelyn will be bringing next and which issues he will want to address in his music. 

You can find Joye on Twitter @JoyeMarelyn and on Instagram @JoyeMarelyn.