Raphael2x’s latest single ‘What You See’ features a fresh beat, a funky video, and a lot of hip-hop style!

What You See’ is the newest single from Raphael2x. It’s a hot new release featuring a fresh beat, a funky video, and a lot of hip-hop style. Discover the unique takes Raphael2x has with strong vocals and remarkable performance to express his thoughts in this medium.  

What You See‘ is a hip-hop song that discusses a lot of issues everyone deals with. It talks about fake people, girls, romantic troubles, and so much, all wrapped up in a unique and distinct style with Raphael2x’s low and confident vocals. 

The single touches on themes that are likely to resonate with many people. The music can be enjoyed by hip-hop fans looking for indie releases in the genre that step away from the commercial focus to touch upon various topics. Raphael2x’s music brings together various influences to create an original sound and provide a unique take on the genre. He is not afraid to tell it the way he sees it and to be bold and provocative in his choice of words, taking advantage of hip-hop as a genre for self-expression. With explicit lyrics that tackle the issues head-on, it can be enjoyed by those who like a more raw experience. 

what you see

Raphael2x is an emerging artist with a lot of promise for the indie rap scene. He has already shined in various collaborative projects, such as UH HUH featuring SSG SplurgeLIL Night, & Guap Montana. His past releases are available on Spotify as well and have drawn attention from fans of the genre. You can also find past releases on Spotify, including ConfessionsFree Scissorhandz, and more. All songs focus on rap as a tool for the authentic spoken word with tough lyrics and a focus on the artist’s experiences. 


What You See’ also has an original music video that enhances the song with interesting visuals and solid imagery. It was done by ClutchImage Films. With a tough and somewhat cynical image, Raphael2x establishes himself as a strong scenic presence and rapper with talent. The video and the artist’s social media presence create and support the image of someone who is authentic and expressive and doesn’t hold back. We are likely to see more interesting releases from Raphael2x in the future as well. 

You can find ‘What You See’ currently on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. If you want to take a look at the music video with its exciting urban visuals, check out the below video: 

You can follow Raphael2x on Instagram @raphaelaintfriendly to see what’s new and stay updated on his upcoming releases. Do check out ‘What You See‘ and the past albums and songs from the artist.