Popular San Diego artist Peter Kasen dazzles fans with his intoxicating guitar work in his latest single ‘Tied Knots’


Tied Knots is a fresh release from multi-talented artist Peter Kasen. It’s the second song from his album Providence and offers a unique and genre-bending sound that is likely to found a lot of listeners thanks to its quality and distinctive appeal.

Peter was born in Miami, Florida and started his career in 2005 under the moniker of “Propel,” wanting to distinguish himself from all the musicians going for the “man with a guitar” recognition. Peter created a distinct creative identity and used it until 2008 when he signed with Smoking Frog Productions in Wales, UK. This allowed him to flex his creative muscles on an international level. Peter Kasen toured the USA around 10 times and has gone on four European tours, taking his music across 10 different countries. He booked and executed all his tours himself. 

The artist has a long history of work and self-improvement, from his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston to his pursuit of increasingly complex and odd arrangements that never stop growing and becoming better. He strives to create powerful and dynamic shifts within each music piece, becoming an element of his distinctive style. His sound is more reminiscent of an entire band than a single acoustic guitarist, cementing his status as a unique and innovative artist working independently. He has worked to build not only his identity as an independent creator but also to get involved in every aspect of the music industry, from creating to sharing to promoting and even to touring, which has been a DIY project from the start and on an international level. In fact, he is all set to start his tour this coming August in the Southwest and Southern part of the USA. Check that out on his website.

Peter released his first EP, A Year Worth Forgetting in 2005, followed by Antique Scars in 2006, Dust, Doors, and Debt, an LP released in 2008, Veer in 2009, and A Delicate Balance in 2013. In 2015, 2017, and 2019 he has released singles like Co-PilotVultures, and Exit WoundsTied Knots is the second release from his Providence album, following Second Skin, another track from this LP.

Tied Knots is the newest offering with Peter’s distinctive style. Mixed and mastered by Ed M., Skyward Records, it is all Peter’s vision – from the music to the lyrics to the vocals to the composition. It is an intricate and distinct composition indeed, showcasing the best from Peter Kasen – complex patterns, shifts, and turns that make his music stand out even when there are so many folk singers working with an acoustic guitar.

You can find Tied Knots on Bandcamp and all the other major music platforms.
Discover the unique sound that has helped Peter Kasen gain international recognition
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