The Man, The Myth, The Legend Pepé Willie releases his memoir ‘If You See Me: My Six-Decade Journey in Rock and Roll’

A rock and roll legend has opened up the pages of his journey, publishing a deeply personal and involved look at his life and experience in the music industry.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Pepé Willie has been a force in the music industry for over six decades, marking a momentous journey throughout his career and his life. He has had the privilege and challenge of working with some of the most prolific names in music, from Prince, Andre Cymone and Morris Day to Jimi Hendrix. 

Never content to merely do one thing, Pepé is a producer, songwriter, musician, mentor, and consultant. He has been involved in every aspect of the music industry and has developed a profound understanding of the industry’s business side. 

These experiences led Pepé to create Pepé Music Inc, a company dedicated to providing services to artists, producers, and songwriters. Through this company, he launched his record label, Reo Deo. 

It was through his record label that Pepé later released a 35th Anniversary CD with his group, 94 East, titled The Cookhouse Five (April 2011). The CD’s 5 songs were historical gems that featured Prince on guitar. It was the first time Prince ever recorded in studio, making this album a treasure trove for fans and music aficionados alike. This led to the Cookhouse Five being accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Library and Archives in Cleveland, Ohio.

This was just a footnote in an illustrious and fascinating story Pepé highlights in his book.

Read the Journey as It Unfolds

If You See Me: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll is a deep dive into Pepé’s music industry experiences. As one of the music industry’s most respected figures, Pepé’s book has been highly anticipated and provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. 

Pepé uses the honest framework of his anecdotes and reflections to take readers on his own personal journey in the music industry. He shares insights, knowledge, and wisdom on every aspect of the industry, spanning songwriting, producing, and the music business. He also takes care to delve into his experiences with the biggest names in music, discussing how he knew them and how they influenced his career.

The book reads as a personal How-To manual on the music industry and provides important insights and inspiration for those pursuing music as a career. As part of this, the book weaves Pepé’s behind-the-scenes flashes of his career by examining the music industry’s cultural and historical context. This deeper understanding of the music industry’s evolution and how it’s informed music today is furthered by his thoughts of the future, from the changing landscape to potential opportunities and challenges that lay further along. This thorough recollection is a must-read for upcoming and established music and entertainment professionals. 

In addition, it displays the inner workings of the music industry for anyone interested in learning the intimate twists and turns.

A Journey Through Rock and Roll

If You See Me: My Six Decade Journey in Rock and Roll is published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press. It’s available wherever books are sold and is an essential guide on the path through rock and roll, written by a legend. For more information on Pepé, visit his website and Amazon to buy his memoir.


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