Pamela Jackson’s latest release ‘We Are America’ is a powerful song with a strong social message!

We Are America is the newest release from Pamela Jackson, a powerful song with a strong social message and a lot of hope that is sorely needed in these difficult times. Featuring some amazing talent, the single is making waves in the music industry.

We Are America is a soul and hip-hop single featuring some amazing talent. Besides Pamela Jackson’s driving creative force, it features production from Quinton Fashion and Jawuan Ford, rapping from Latarra Nicole, and a remarkable bass from Andrew Gouche, a renowned artist in his own right. The song provides a lot of energy and soul and spirit, being critical of the current reality but also not falling into a doom mindset. It offers a sense of hope and reminds us of the best and most important characteristics, talents, and strengths this country has. In a situation where the darkest aspects of our life tend to be front and center, this reminder has a lot of power and is quite inspiring.



Pamela wrote the lyrics and produced the song with a clear goal in mind, and that is reflected in the song and the music video as well. She developed a passion for music from an early age and was influenced by a wide selection of genres and artists, including Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and more. Today, Pamela writes a unique genre-blending type of music that involves jazz, soul, and gospel. She has written from some leading gospel artists, like Melba Moore and Carolyn Taylor, and has also been writing for the Gospel Music Workshop of America.

The artist finds her inspiration in God, who is and has always been her guide. She hopes to bring comfort and inspiration through music. We Are America takes a more political approach and powerful stance without losing the spirituality and soul that has always distinguished Pamela’s music. All We Need Is Love is one of her previous releases that showcases her talent for inspiring and motivating that shines through her gospel and genre-mixing songs.

Pamela Jackson defines the message behind her song like this: “I Am America, You Are America, We are America.” It is all about reminding America about the role African Americans played in shaping the country, the power of their talents, ideas, resilience, and more that has created the nation that exists today. A perfect listen for Juneteenth, full of Black Pride and spirit, the track is likely to find its way to a lot of different listeners. Despite all the difficult things going on in America and the world right now, Pamela Jackson offers an inspiring and powerful track.

You can find We Are America on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Stay tuned for new releases from Pamela and follow her on social media to make sure you don’t miss anything. More exciting and inspiring releases are sure to follow We Are America, so if you are looking for inspiration and a message of hope, it might be the right song to check out now. You can follow Pamela on Facebook