Experience relaxed tropical beats and positivity in ‘Lay-Up,’ the latest track by NuKarma

Lay-Up’ is the new, feel-good track from the Chicago artist NuKarma. The single comes as a preview for the upcoming larger project, Karma Womack. Prior to this, he also released tracks like ‘Consistency,’ ‘Art of War’, and ‘Daydream.’ And this year, he’s back with another gem, ‘Lay-Up.’ It is full of positivity without losing the meaning or truth of the work. The artist considers it the kind of music you should listen to in the sun, relaxing and infusing your day with many positive vibrations.

Lay-Up is a perfect listen for a rainy day when you need a bit more sunshine or for a sunny day to get the perfect mood going on. With influences from rap and other genres, the track does a wonderful blend to transmit nothing but good vibes. It is likely to please those looking for some chill beats to relax or a nice listen to get in a summer mood whenever they like.

NuKarma stands out, thanks to his focused approach to music with a combination of chill and truth that is rare to find. Rap music is often raw and aggressive, which makes this a nice change of pace and can be more welcoming for someone new to the genre or looking for an easier listen without losing out on the powerful lyrics that rap is recognized for. This talented artist is likely to reach more fans with a combination like that, evidenced by Lay-Up.

For a fun, chill hip-hop experience with infusions from various genres, follow NuKarma on Instagram @nu__karma and get fresh news about his upcoming releases. Stay tuned for Karma Womack, which is expected to drop shortly.