Japan based pop artist Yui Stonewell brings out nostalgic vibes with her latest single ‘Not Here to Save the World’.

Not Here to Save the World is the thrilling new release from Yui Stonewell, an independent pop artist based in Japan. It is an exciting, unique, and nostalgic single that is sure to be enjoyed by fans of the artist and bring her a lot of new listeners.

Yui is based in Tokyo, Japan, and is working to rise to the top as an independent pop artist with her unique vision, style, and talent. The artist’s work is influenced by pop and EDM. Each of her songs aims to build a connection to the audience through music that expresses shared experiences, which for Yui is the best way to feel less alone in everyday life and to discover community no matter where one is. The singer and songwriter collaborate with her older brother, who helps write and produce her music and adds his touch to each song to make it unique.

Yui Stonewell’s sound brings together many separate elements to create a novel experience, nostalgic, hopeful, honest, and haunting. She combines synth and piano and strings, adding a dash of 90’s nostalgia to season the mix. It is powerful and vulnerable, soft and strong. While she strives to engage the audience emotionally, Yui always chooses to add a bit of hope and positivity to each of her tracks and leave the listeners with a good aftertaste. She creates strong connections with her fans through her lyrics and vulnerable, soft melodies that reveal Yui’s authentic and genuine experiences to help the listener connect and feel understood. 

Not Here to Save the World has all of Yui Stonewell’s best characteristics. It is soft, nostalgic, and yet not sad or a downer. It is vulnerable and thoughtful, which makes it a wonderful option for listeners who are looking for something relatable with a fun pop touch, but that is not shallow or vapid. The artist declares her commitment to sisterhood and girl power and finds inspiration in amazing female artists such as Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and BLACKPINK. Another source of inspiration is Bruno Mars. 

Yui’s songs shape a soundtrack for the daily life of any listener, in particular, girls who will find a relatable voice that is sympathetic and effective. Her music is never too sad or upsetting, and yet it does not lose vulnerability and authenticity. Instead, it connects with the listener. 


Not Here to Save the World is sure to please fans of pop and those looking for a fresh voice with some nostalgic flavor thrown in to create a unique sound. It is also likely to provide a good choice for audiences who enjoy k-pop and j-pop, but perhaps a bit more relatable and closer to their experience.

Stream Not Here to Save the World on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Make sure you stay tuned for new thrilling releases that are sure to bring more of the same unique sound that has distinguished Yui’s music.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Yui Stonewell. Here are excerpts from the Interview.

Hi Yui, Great to have you with us today! Please provide a brief description of your project. What is the news you would like to share with our readers? 

We are releasing our 5th single of 2021! This next track is called “Not Here to Save The World,” and it plays around with the power of music. Tak and I are both passionate about music and find it powerful in healing, comforting, and celebrating the different moments in our lives. However, we are also aware that our music can’t save the world from suffering and pain. But we continue creating in hopes that even one person might have a better day because of a song we write or one person out there feels understood and less alone. 

What is your music genre?

Pop EDM / EDM Pop / Pop / Synth Pop

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit the website or follow on Instagram @yuistonewellmusic.


Thank you so much, Yui, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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