New York based Artist and Italian singer Doug Ferony has etched out scintillating vibes of jazz in his new single “Quando, Quando, Quando”.

Waiting for your loved one to be yours is a long, tedious wait. But you can play Doug Ferony’s new single to make your wait a little more pleasant.

“Quando, Quando, Quando” is the hottest new single by our very own artist Doug Ferony. The Italian singer has yet again proved that when it comes to jazz music, he is virtually unbeatable. Quando is the Spanish word for “when,” so the theme of the song is a rhetorical question that when will his lover be his. Well, Doug, we’ve been asking the same question all our lives, but you’ve managed to put it more pleasantly.

The orchestral music is nothing if not soothing and aesthetically pleasing. On top of the smooth, relaxing tones in the background, Doug’s voice fits just beautifully. His sultry voice was made for jazz music, and consequently, he is one of the most popular jazz artists on Spotify. The song’s lyrics are so on-point, and Doug Ferony has certainly managed to infuse all the emotions in his voice. As a result, music lovers are addicted to this new single, and it is gaining some popularity day by day.

Listening to this remarkable song, you can feel the impatience in his voice, which is quite an art. It is a fresh breath of air to feel the intense emotion in the singer’s voice too. In our opinion, the emotion is what makes the song so different, and Doug has fully managed to set his new single apart from others.

Although we understand that jazz is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is still strongly recommended that you check out the song once. The perfectly balanced tunes and the sultry voice is sure to hook you from the very start. And we would be surprised if you find yourself a convert. Besides, who wants to hear the same music again and again. Experimenting with different genres is what makes the music interesting.

According to the artist himself, he wanted his fans to experience the blissful agony of waiting for your true love. And we have to say, Doug has done a phenomenal job with his vision.

For now, we have “Quando, Quando, Quando” on repeat, and we are desperately waiting for more music from Doug Ferony!

“Quando, Quando, Quando” is available now on Spotify, Vimeo, and all other major platforms. Visit Doug Ferony’s website for more information and updates on future releases.

About Doug Ferony



Doug Ferony is an Italian artist with a unique style. His jazz style music is a welcome break from all the hardcore, electric, and rap songs. Doug Ferony is from the same school of singers that produced the talents from whom he took his performing lead: Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Bobby Darin. His initial self-produced album, This One’s for You, was released in 1996 and confirmed that Ferony is equally at ease in both a big band and small group setting. It was his love for big band music that pushed him into a singing career. Ferony is a member of good standing of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in such TV shows and movies as Goodfellas, Back to School, You’ve Got Mail, Law & Order, and HBO”s OZ. 

You can check the Instagram handle @dougferony.