Namarah has fascinated her fans with the addictive and enchanting Soulful Music Video Deia!

You are seriously missing out if you haven’t heard this amazing single by this goddess Namarah. 

Deia by Namarah is a must-listen for anyone who likes soulful music and traditional R&B with hints of pop music. The resulting blend creates unique music that you are bound to put on repeat. Namarah has done an excellent job with the background music. The calm and peaceful tunes and the mix of different genres are addicting. The song has a series of highs and lows that make your heart plummet and soar in sync with the rhythm. It has such calm and peaceful vibes that you can’t help but relax. The music seems to resonate from every atom of your being. 

She has certainly managed to create the perfect balance between the lyrics and the background music to create the most soulful song we have ever heard. There is a certain sense of calmness and peace in this song, and it is not just due to the background music; the soulful vibe is entirely created by something else; Namarah’s magical voice. 

Another thing that we love about this song is that the singer has kept the background music very subtle; this particularly enhances the lyrics. It is also worth commenting that Namarah’s voice is certainly an enigma; soft, yet strong. The music video of Deia by Namarah is also quite interesting. The singer has kept this pretty simple and quite abstract, which perfectly goes with the song. The contrast between the white walls and dark outfits doesn’t go unnoticed, and it creates an impact on the audience. 


Namarah has a strong, focused voice, and she has the confidence to project it seamlessly. Namarah has got our vote of confidence with this song, and we are eagerly waiting for what more she has in store for us!  

If you haven’t heard Deia by Namarah, we strongly encourage you to give this a try. It is also available on Spotify so, definitely check it out!

About Namarah


Namarah is an artist crafting words and sounds to represent the echoes of her heart. Namarah shares her interpretation of how we grow, change and the stories that take us through the journey. Intertwining faith and questions of the soul, her sounds serve healing messages.

Based in Philadelphia, Namarah is a singer-songwriter, storyteller, and gamer enthusiast. From an early age, she fell in love with the metaphorical and creative approaches to storytelling. Starting with dance, she explored different ways to perform on the stage and started work in local theater, open mics, and worship leading. It was the one place, the stage, where Namarah could express the many parts of herself in one place. Theater, comics, dance, and visual media (to name a few) impacted her so much that she desired to find a form of writing and performing that would work to thread these influences together.

You can check her Instagram @iamnamarah and Twitter @iamnamarah.