Music band Free Mace from Florida has etched out cracking reggae and rock vibes in the new release World on Fire.

World on Fire is a new release from Florida band Free Mace. With an exciting and fresh reggae sound, it challenges the status quo through the power of music. 

Free Mace is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and is a band with a strong and unique sound. They are currently starting to make waves in the indie music scene thanks to their unique sound and creativity. With a smashing style, Free Mace is trying to make something that pushes the envelope further and challenges the current establishment through art. The band strives to create music that can be with their listeners throughout their day, providing a soundtrack for their lives. In this spirit, they have created music that blends and mixes several genres for a unique experience, with each song made with a strong passion and awareness and strong and focused rhetoric. 

Free Mace consists of Mason Staub, wearing multiple hats as the guitarist, vocalist, and producer, along with an alternating bass player and drummer. The band has a distinct style and is pushing the envelope with each new release. 

A standout hit from the new album is War Machine, with a mix of reggae and rock. With a unique combination, the band draws influence from Dance Gavin Dance, a rock band that has reached significant success with their sound. Despite the addition of rock beats, Free Mace defines itself as a reggae band first and foremost, hoping to uplift the genre. 

World on Fire brings four tracks with a distinct sound and a lot of passion. While War Machine draws attention first, all the songs are definitely worth a listen and show a lot of promise for future releases from the band as well. The mix of reggae with other genres ensures a fresh sound and the lyrics, strongly placed in the anti-establishment camp, evoke associations with classic protest and rebel music. The band makes their Florida origins a strong part of their music, incorporating traditional genres in a unique way. Florida is a part of their music, helping them further stand out in an industry that is becoming increasingly mass-produced. Free Mace is looking for new opportunities and improving their craft continuously through the effort of Mason Staub and his bandmates.  


Free Mace is going all out on their music. Currently, they are playing around Jacksonville and are expected to soon move beyond the stages of their home city. Their music has reached thousands of listeners already, and their fanbase is growing. The band stands out thanks to their unique mix of genres, passion, and energy, and also to the powerful lyrics they bring to the table.

You can find music from Free Mace, including World on Fire with War Machine and the other tracks, on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the main streaming platforms.

Connect with the band on Instagram @free_mace and stay tuned for new releases, sure to shock and awe and make waves on the scene. Free Mace is here to stay and reach success.