Listen to the exciting and intense Hip Hop explosion in MrDotLegend’s release ‘500 million’

500 million is a new release from MrDotLegend. It’s an exciting hip-hop single that leads the MrDotLegend Presents Flawless Victory album, an earlier release from this year. The music video for 500 million will be available on July 4th, just in time for the celebration, on all major platforms. 

MrDotLegend, a.k.a. Craig Allen, is a hardcore rapper from Maryland. He was born in 1986 in Baltimore and grew up on the east side of the city. He started listening to hardcore rappers like Three 6 Mafia and others early on and by 13 was composing his first song lyrics and counting bars. As a self-taught artist with strong hardcore rap inspirations, he offers a new sound and a lot of presence. 

He did not have an easy childhood, but music serves as a constant source of support. At 17, MrDotLegend’s first true performance was a school talent show where he dedicated his act to his late brother, Antonio Gerrod Allen, who had died that year. This was a life-changing experience and not the end to the troubles. Later on, MrDotLegend was shot twice in the face and the hand with a shotgun. This led to 18 surgeries and a loss of six months of the rapper’s life. He had to do extensive rehabilitation, but today he looks back on the experience as something that made him stronger. It helped him take a new look at his life and change his perspective, and also enabled him to start working as a solo artist. These experiences continue to shape his music and offer a degree of rawness and authenticity that can be hard to find and a source of strength as well.

MrDotLegend debuted with his first album in 2016 after releasing over a dozen underground mixtapes. 500 million is a featured track from MrDotLegend Presents Flawless Victory that is now going to become a music video, opening new possibilities for the artist.


The track is full of power and energy. As a self-taught creator, MrDotLegend has a strong and distinct identity and keeps a close leash on every aspect of his musical production, which means that each track reflects his authentic vision and approach to music. With a lot of strength and boldness, 500 million is an offering likely to catch the eye of any rap fan looking for something authentic and hardcore that reflects a tight artistic vision. MrDotLegend is growing his following and continuously putting out new tracks and projects. 

You can follow MrDotLegend on Instagram @Mrdotlegend for more information and stay tuned for any new releases. The rapper is promising a lot of new and previously recorded but unreleased material.

Check out 500 million on Spotify and stay alert for the music video release coming on July 4th. Discover all the music from MrDotLegend on YouTube and Apple Music.