Morgan King’s latest song ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is an exciting pop offering with powerful rock influences.

‘Mirror, Mirror’ is a fresh release by multi-genre artist Morgan King. This is her debut as a solo artist who brings her listeners an exciting pop offering with powerful rock influences. The track came out on May 28th, 2021.

With soft vocals and thoughtful vocals, the track is likely to please pop listeners looking for new offerings and indie options that engage with meaningful topics. The theme of the track is the struggle between our true selves and the negative image we imagine. We might see ourselves in the mirror as a distorted reflection showing a monster. But this is nothing but an illusion. The path to get rid of it is through self-love and acceptance, and this is the central message behind the single. It is an important idea today and at any time. 

Morgan King comes from Southern California. She once pursued a Ph.D. in philosophy but then realized her true passion and switched tracks. She started to live the dream and pursuing her creative ambitions by writing and releasing songs. Today, she is part of several projects, such as 88 smiles and The Stars Lie. Her solo project debuts with ‘Mirror, Mirror.’ 


Morgan enjoys including darker elements in her songs and juxtaposing them with the light and the hopeful message she likes to send. She believes in positivity and hope but prefers to add a bit of depth. Her sultry, powerful, and soft vocals blend seamlessly with electronic, pop, and rock music to create a distinctive and lovely sound. In regards to her music, there are plenty of influences that serve as inspiration, which is especially evident with her solo project that draws from pop, old-school emo, trap, and electronic. 

Previous releases include Music for Brains, which is original music to get things done. It’s 20 minutes of focus music to add a bit of motivation and spice to boring tasks, and Morgan herself uses it a lot. It was done for the 88 smiles project. 


Morgan King’s solo music stands out for deep lyrics and meaningful themes, as well as for an original and lovely sound with a unique genre blend that integrates dark and light, pop and rock, and adds a splash of fairy tale magic to make it special. The artist’s striking first release makes us eager to see what will come next. In addition to her musical talents, Morgan is also a photographer and provides original designs that can be found on her website. With arcane and mysterious symbols, there are exciting and fun t-shirts, leggings, and more. You can see a lot of the artist in each project she does and how she adds a unique flavor to everything.

You can find Morgan King and her music on her website or follow her on Instagram @therealmorganking. Stream ‘Mirror, Mirror’ and more songs on Spotify and the other major music platforms. Stay tuned for future music releases and other artistic projects.