Rising Rapper C-Nice is bound to win your heart with his romantic single ‘Masterpiece’.

‘Masterpiece’ is the long-awaited new release from rapper C-Nice that has him showcase his romantic chops along with fellow singer Jae Santana. ‘Masterpiece’ is a great summer song, and it’s not a track to be missed. A light and fun track, it is a romantic song, focusing on the flirting aspect with a clever and engaging interplay between the two performers. It is a very modern take on romance and creates a charming, light-hearted experience that is sorely needed these days.

C-Nice is a rapper with some serious chops. He first started making waves in the music scene over ten years ago with his single, ‘Do For Me.’ It received national attention and heavy airplay from local radio station 93.5 K-DAY. C-Nice got an even bigger boost following the release of his mixtape ‘The Orientation,’ which featured Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, both legendary figures within the rap world and Grammy winners. This collaboration helped C-Nice make an ever bigger wave and achieve a lot more attention. It was followed by singles like ‘Small Talk’ and ‘The Recoup.’ In addition to the classic collabs he did with Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, he has also worked with Glasses Malone, Crooked I, and Eric Bellinger. Jae Santana is another highly talented creator who has teamed up with C-Nice to build something amazing, and the result is truly a ‘Masterpiece.’

The rapper is based in Long Beach and is heavily involved in his community. He works with the Hope Foundation and leverages this experience to improve his songs and add more layers. The community programs have helped the artist better understand the world beyond the traditional boundaries of hip-hop and add more feeling to the pieces that he makes, distinguishing him from other artists. “Masterpiece” is likely to please fans of hip-hop, especially those looking for tracks that play a little with the genre. It has strong lyrics but is more on the fun side, making it a perfect summer song for anyone who wants to spice their life with a little romance.

Discover ‘Masterpiece‘ and other work by C-Nice on Spotify and all the major music streaming platforms. Find out more about the rapper here and on social media to stay tuned for any new releases.