Mary-Leigh Moseley tackles the issue of toxic masculinity through her latest single, El Dorado

Mary-Leigh Moseley, famously known as ML Moseley, delights her fans with the new release of El Dorado, a powerfully written song with strong vocals that is the second studio track from the artist. It was produced, mixed, and mastered by Frank Famous, and the end result is a genre-blending track.

El Dorado tackles the topic of toxic masculinity, in particular, the way in which it hurts relationships. A person who has been educated in this vein might struggle to be fully present and vulnerable because of the walls they put up or the trauma they have experienced. It’s certainly a topic that can resonate with people today. The message is sorely needed, especially in regards to a genre that often validates toxic behaviors. 

The song offers sultry and strong vocals that make El Dorado a pleasure to listen to. It provides an experience that combines pop and R&B with a dark tone that is unusual for the genres and brings it beyond sexy and fun to make it meaningful as well. 

Originally from Valdosta, Georgia, ML Moseley is now based in Atlanta. She started developing her skills since she was six years old and got trained as a performer, using the classical approach. Today, at 20, Mary-Leigh is pursuing a more modern sound and a contemporary series of genres. She is an indie artist who is attending college full-time and also building her music career as a singer and a songwriter. 

El Dorado follows hot in the heels of Moseley’s debut track titled Thin White Line, praised by fans for its lyrics and vocals. Thin White Line experimented with the genres, leaning more towards a country sound. With several thousand streams since the end of 2020, the debut track continues to climb streaming platforms. 

El Dorado is a worthy follow-up to a successful debut. It stands out for its lyrics and vocals and strives to create a meaningful experience that will likely resonate with men and women and their encounters with toxic masculinity. 

Moseley is working hard to build an independent career that supports her songs and allows her to produce what she wants the most. As an emerging artist and a rising star, she has made a strong start thanks to her debut track and follow-up. El Dorado shows the effective songwriting skills the artist has.

You can find El Dorado on all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Follow ML Moseley on Instagram @mlmoseleymusic to stay tuned for future releases.