Rising Artist LYANDRA’s debut EP ‘Lotus’ is a lyrical arrangement of Hiphop/Afro Beats.

‘Lotus’ is the debut hip-hop rap EP from LYANDRA and a project that is deeply infused with afro influence. It is a release to look out for, with strong vocals and a powerful story that ties the 10 featured tracks together.

Lotus’ features the Lagos-based producer and artist MAN LIKE MAZ, offering a powerful female artist telling a story tied in original music and visual art.

The EP tells the story of a woman who heals from her past and the trauma that it involved to emerge stronger and better. She fights the odds against her and goes through the ups and downs of life that allow her to become a better version of herself. The album’s name alludes to the flower as a metaphor for strength, power, and beauty, as the gorgeous flowers have their roots in dirty waters. Also, the worst conditions can produce the most beautiful flowers too, and adversity makes us stronger. ‘Lotus’ has strong spiritual influences and an inspiring central message that can resonate with many. As a female hip-hop artist, LYANDRA speaks to her listeners from the heart.


LYANDRA is a British and Nigerian rapper who was raised between these countries and LA. She used to live in Liverpool with her family, but home trouble led to her getting lost in the foster care system. With hustler spirit, she pulled herself out and went to Hollywood in order to chase her dreams of being a musician. She pulled through with hard work and inspiration from powerful artists like Missy Elliott, J Cole, and Lauren Hill.


Today, the artist has made it far and risen from the ashes of hardship. In this sense, ‘Lotus’ is also her story – a tale of overcoming adversity and dire circumstances to produce something beautiful and worthy. Today, she constantly works to inspire Black women and integrate cultures through her music, blending together Afrobeats and hip-hop. Lyandra is living her dreams after years of hard work and creating music that speaks to others going through difficult situations. Her songs mix up different musical styles to create a distinct vibe and sound that puts her apart from other artists in the genre. The mix of different styles and beats give it an empowering tone that allows listeners to feel inspired as they go through the album. ‘Lotus’ is a personal story, but also one with a lot of relatability. LYANDRA is inspiring to others thanks to the work and hustle she has put into her ascent that truly was remarkable, and ‘Lotus’ reflects that.


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Discover more from the artist and stay tuned for more hip-hop and afro beats releases that provide a unique sound, a blend of cultures, and an inspirational message to all Black girls and women out there who want to chase their dreams and hustle as hard as they can.