Listen to the heartfelt and emotional new single ‘Blue Dream’ by popular American Indie Rock band ‘The Sunset Kings’

Popular American Indie Rock band ‘The Sunset Kings’ has just released their latest single ‘Blue Dream.’  The song is everyone’s type and upbeat with a tad bit of nostalgia. The interesting and unusual blend of these elements makes it such a unique song that you can’t stop listening to it on loop. The Sunset Kings have got to be the most underrated artists. Song after song, they have proven that their musical genius is not up for debate. This time again, their song Blue Dream is a dream song for everyone. 


The background music is a little upbeat, with occasional highs and lows. Oh, and how can we forget the guitar solo in the middle of the song? The unique blend of different instruments and pace is what makes this song so amazing. The lyrics in this track are also worth mentioning. This song is all about the agony of being left by someone we love, which is quite relatable. And the most twisting thing is that you love the other person to pieces, and yet somehow, it doesn’t make them stay. Our favorite line from the song has got to be the following:

I think I loved her far too much to make her stay

I think I let the thought of us take me away

She’s velvet smooth and carries torches in her eyes

But I can’t look away. I think I like the fire. 

It just makes the song all the more realistic. You can feel the emotion in the singer’s voice. The song is as raw as it gets. It outlines the thought process as someone trying to figure out where they went wrong. Maybe it’s because they loved them too much. Or maybe because they were carried away by their thoughts and dreams. I think it is safe to say that we have all been there. 

If you haven’t checked this out, we strongly recommend that you do so because we have got it playing on repeat since the moment we discovered this gem!

Blue Dream by The Sunset Kings is now available on all major streaming platforms. You can also find it on YouTube so, make sure not to miss this one! 


About The Sunset Kings


The Sunset Kings is an American indie rock band in the post-Frank Ocean era. Their cinematic lyrics are inspired by beat poetry and the Boston poetry scene. Their unique blend of music incorporates jazz, pop, psychedelia, soul, and prog influences to create forward-thinking alternative rock.  

The band’s first full-length album, ‘The Ballad of Bella Fury,’ begins in a hotel room in Laguna Beach, scrawled on a notepad one summer night in 2012. It’s about cross-country road trips, alcohol-driven nights on the beach, and the heartbreak rollercoaster of love, hate, and self-discovery that leads to seven friends from all across North America brought together in Boston by the struggles and highs of music. Distorted guitars, improvisational saxophone melodies, and sweeping string arrangements punctuate a story about coming of age in a world that’s getting smaller and farther removed from its origins.  

Their newest release, ‘Shadow Work In Technicolor,’ follows the band into 2020, two years after the death of their bassist Shag. The tug and war of touring as an independent band and the members of the band dealing with grief, loss, and trying to maintain their lives back in Boston lead to the ultimate dissolution of The Sunset Kings, as each member ventures into independent solo projects. ‘Shadow Work In Technicolor’ is the joint effort of vocalist Star and saxophonist Neumi as they weigh the pressures of their elevating musical experiences against their hidden personal struggles.

You can check out the Instagram @thesunsetkings.