Los Angeles based artist Will Lyle has etched out brilliant vibes of Jazz in his debut album LA Source Codes.

LA Source Codes is the debut album release from jazz artist Will Lyle. The album presents smooth solos and delightful accompaniment that provides a charming listening experience for anyone interested in jazz and in modern jazz in particular. Will Lyle is an L.A. based artist. 

Will Lyle was born in 1994 in the O.C., California. He devoted himself to music through different approaches, becoming an electric bassist, bandleader, composer, arranger, and producer. His genre of choice is jazz, and he has been able to create a unique sound and a distinct production value that has allowed him to play with a variety of artists. He has toured with Billy Kilson’s quartet in 2017 after graduating from the Berklee College of Music, reaching Japan on an international tour. He was a member of Jon Mayer’s trio and has played with artists like Ralph Peterson, Barbara Morrison, Jackie Ryan, Ilya Serov, Gene Jackson, Victory Boyd, and many, many more, playing with dozens of recognized artists in the genre and beyond.

He recorded for the series Escape at Dannemora and also was the session bassist for the release The Nearness of You by veteran pianist Rob Mullins in 2018. In 2020, Will received a presidential scholarship to study with Ron Carter, a member of Miles Davis’s band and the most recorded jazz bassist of all time. Will continues to record and produce music actively as he pursues these new skills through the Manhattan School of Music. He has also been a bandleader, performing in this role in different iconic L.A. clubs and even in important locales in other countries.

LA Source Codes is his debut album and the beginning of what is likely to be a productive career as an artist, taking Will Lyle beyond supporting roles to put him in the spotlight. The album is a product of many powerful collaborations with recognized artists, such as Bob Sheppard, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Mahesh Balasooriya, Adam Hersh, Anthony Fung, Nikki Campbell, Mikan Zlatkovich, Jon Mayer, and Roy McCurdy. The variations in performance add to the listening experience, providing a delightful set of tracks to explore, including original compositions by Will Lyle. 

This is a promising debut album that features unique and charming work from Will Lyle and a variety of artists, creating a versatile listening experience that features both classic jazz and new offerings from the artist. A product of years of work and growth, LA Source Codes is likely to find a lot of fans among jazz connoisseurs, fans of the genre, and those looking to expand their horizons. The album truly shows the large amounts of work Will has done to hone his craft and study with the best, creating an academically solid and fresh sound that thrives on collaboration and creates a unique experience for the audience.

You can find LA Source Codes streaming on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. Check out Will Lyle’s website to learn more about his work, life, and current and upcoming projects.