Versatile artist Josh Remi showcases the true essence of modern day music in the album ‘The Interval’

After the single C8 wowed and wooed fans with its addictive beats and celebration of automotive sophistication, which came together as the soundtrack to the high-life and good times, the logical next step is to drop an album. If that single left his audience wanting more, The Interval, the album in question, is the more they were waiting for.

Like all great albums, it is autobiographical; the songs here are based on honesty and life experience, hopes and aspirations, love, loss, longing, and everything in between. And musically, it is forged from all the sonic building blocks that make modern music engaging, pop infectiousness, R&B grooves, dance addictions, and all manner of additional urban cool.


But, understanding that the modern music artist has to be about more than just releasing music, he is combining his love of music with that of contemporary, urban living, corvettes (C8 was a celebration of their sleek lines and timeless style) with fashion by releasing a merchandise range – shirts, hats and other accessories – something which will take Josh Remi way beyond merely being a music artist and reposition him as a brand in his own right.

You can follow him on Instagram @officialjoshremi and visit the website for more information.


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