Johnny the HOBBY ARTIST aka JRS3 releases his latest Single ‘Thank You’


Johnny the HOBBY ARTIST aka JRS3 who is originally from Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. Johnny is the man to go to when it comes to HipHop/Rap music artists who are on the rise. Certainly, a contender for Ones to Watch for 2020. He started in music when he was in High School, taking part in the Acapella choir. It was at the choir where he learned how to read and write music. Five years ago, Johnny bought a MacBook Pro and some necessary equipment and taught himself how to create music and the rest, as they say is history. If you think his talent only stopped in music, then you will be surprised to know that his entrepreneurial skills are truly sharpened as well. He also founded JRS3 MUSIC LLC, a company that handles the marketing, advertising, copywriting, and all the business part of JRS3. As an independent artist, he does it all. From the vocals, writing to video production.

Johnny the Hobby Artist is releasing his latest song on 1/15/21. The song is titled: ‘Thank You.’ Do check it out!

Here is Johnny’s Interview on betterauds when he had released his single Planet Suicide in May 2020!

 ” I want LL Cool J to get back into the studio and make great music we need it until then I will have to do it myself,” said Johnny the Hobby Artist!

Johnny-the-Hobby-Artist-thank you

You can check out his music on his Social Media channels: InstagramFacebookYoutube, and Twitter!


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