Inspired by Black Panther Legend Chadwick Boseman, Music Artist Marcus Alland offers an uplifting experience in his latest song, ‘Young, Black and Gifted’!

Young, Black and Gifted is the newest single by Marcus Alland.

If you like rap songs, this is definitely a must-listen for you. The song’s background music is very upbeat, yet it’s not so blaring that it drowns out all the other things. This makes it quite an interesting pick. The lyrics of the song are also quite good. According to the artist Marcus Alland, this song was inspired by the Black Panther legend Chadwick Boseman. He took inspiration from Chadwick’s acceptance speech when he won the award for Outstanding Performance by Cast for a Motion Picture. 

Alland continued to perfect his craft, often being in his room with headphones. Two years later, he began to add lyrics to his sounds; thus, creating entire productions. With the help of his older brother, Alland honed in on his passion. Aside from the drummer at church and his older brother, Alland also gets his inspiration from Kendrick Lamar, Hit-Boy, and Chris Brown. With legends like these, it’s no wonder how abundantly Alland’s music captures you.


Marcus Alland revealed that he was deeply saddened by the loss of this amazing legend. We can all agree that Chadwick Boseman really was a legend. According to Marcus himself, he really hoped to work with Chadwick one day, but fate had other ideas in mind, and Chadwick passed away before that. However, instead of sulking over this loss, Marcus took inspiration from him and made a song to honor his achievements. And if you listen to the song, you can actually feel the inspiration behind it. Marcus has successfully managed to infuse this sense of inspiration in the song. According to Marcus himself,


Chadwick was one of my inspirations as a person and as a creative. So, I honored in all the pain, love, and admiration and put it all on paper in homage to him and to all the young, black, and gifted individuals in the world. 

And we have to agree that given the timing, we really did need a song to pay homage to people of color. With the Black Lives Matter movement going in full swing, it is about time that we recognize the achievements of black artists as well as all the entire black community. However, even if you don’t belong to that community, the track is still an amazing one. The background music and tunes are quite upbeat, so it’s an excellent song when you want to lift your mood. The lyrics and rap music also serve to give you a good dose of confidence. Especially that line about the “Kings and queens”; instantly lifts your confidence and makes you feel ten times better about yourself. 

We shouldn’t be surprised about this remarkable song considering that Marcus Alland has given some really enjoyable beats in the past too. The artist has always chosen to create music that is both uplifting, a bit gangsta, but at the same time, very relatable. Although this is a very tough combo to master, but Marcus has definitely proved his musical genius by mastering this art and taking over the world one song at a time. 

About Marcus Alland


Marcus Alland was born in Queens, New York – a fitting name for royalty and an even better place for one’s own kingdom. He moved to Prince George’s County, Maryland when he was young. In his new kingdom, he would soon learn what his destiny was meant to be. Starting at the age of 14, Alland discovered his love for music in church. It wasn’t the choir, the dancers, or the ushers who sparked this flame, but instead it was the drummer. The beats of the drum quickly captured Alland’s attention and soon after he began his journey.

Hits like “Young, Black, and Gifted,” “Forza,” and “Come Alive” tells stories of experiences and emotions all listeners are able to relate to. Alland strives to create masterpieces that all walks of life are able to enjoy. He continues to work on personal growth and enjoys sharing valuable and memorable music to the world.

Marcus Alland, a king in his own right, is ready to take the world by storm, one song at a time.

If you haven’t heard Young, Black, and gifted, make sure to give it a try! It is now available on Apple Music!  You can also check out his Instagram @marcusalland.