Indie pop-rock band Black Sweater brings a deep exploration of relationships and love with their album That Girl I Knew

The fast-rising indie pop-rock band Black Sweater brings a deep exploration of relationships and love with the ambitious project That Girl I Knew (notes on a relationship in no particular order). This album came out on July 29th and can be enjoyed by listeners looking for something unique, beautiful, and versatile.

That Girl I Knew features sixteen tracks, each offering a unique experience. The album explores all the different emotions that can rise within an intimate connection, from bliss to insecurity to bitterness and all the ones in between. Black Sweater, try to create something that takes the listener through the entire course of a relationship. The music is sometimes smooth and sometimes introspective, with or without lyrics that make the most out of the unique genre blend the band has mastered. Listen to the album on Spotify here: 

Black Sweater is a duo band consisting of Sam Sheffield, who serves as a songwriter and plays several instruments, and his brother Caleb Sheffield, who plays the drums and is the composer. Both Sheffields have years of experience with music, working to hone their skills from middle school through high school and college. To create their own style, they draw inspiration from bands like ELO, The Strokes, The Eagles, and others. Black Sweater broke into the streaming scene in August 2021.

Black Sweater debuted with the single You’re Too Late, a laidback and soulful goodbye. Now they offer sixteen tracks for the listeners to enjoy, including some previously released singles that are now brought into the context of the relationship, adding more depth and meaning to each track. The album features six new songs, including Pretty Lonely, a punk-pop piece on insecurity, Helpless, about those situations when everything seems to be going wrong, and Speak to Me, a song about being in love madly and gently. 


Black Sweater has a unique sound that draws the best elements from pop and rock to create a versatile experience that can take listeners from emotional heights to soulful, melancholy lows. With powerful lyrics and tightly composed songs,  That Girl I Knew is an amazing listening experience. It is certain to be enjoyed by fans of indie musicians who are looking for in-depth explorations of various themes and topics and for a sound that will take them out of their comfort zone. The album is a strong thematic piece that is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced complicated relationships. It will take the listeners through every aspect, from the highs to the lows.

You can find That Girl I knew on all the major streaming platforms. It is available in full on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. In addition, you can connect with Black Sweater on their Instagram and TikTok to see what new projects they are cooking and learn about the releases of new tracks and music videos. You can find them on Instagram @blacksweaterband and on their website.


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