‘I Wish (I Could Be We)’ by LL. White calls upon to value the differences and the similarities that binds us together!!

I Wish (I Could Be We) is the newest release by LL. White, offering a striking music video to go along with the track. The music falls under the label of Christian music, and the artist does many great things with the genre.

The song was written and performed by LL. White. She also features as a co-producer. It reflects a deep message through beautiful vocals and the accompanying imagery, as the song focuses on how today people can come together in the face of challenges that can also divide us. Life is not permanent, and today more than ever, we need to value our differences and the similarities that bind us together while we are here.

LL. White first fell in love with music when she was 4, but what truly caught her attention and her heart was the artistry and melodies of Andrae Crouch, Aretha Franklin, and jazz fusion. Since she was a child, she would hone her skills by using whatever was at hand, be it a set of drums made from shoeboxes or a microphone made from a broomstick. She was part of a Pentecostal church choir and, while at the University of Connecticut, became not only a part of the Kurt Carr singers but the headliner. LL. White’s beliefs and art are strongly rooted in her experience – she became paralyzed and partially blind due to an aneurysm and was also homeless. Today, when she is recovered, she makes music to inspire others and to share her faith. 

LL. White is a published author, with her first book being ‘Is Praise What You Do? Developing a Passion for Praise, a Will to Worship.’ She also has a library of more than a thousand songs that focus on inspiration, love, and uplifting messages of belief and worship, including a 7-track EP Song of the Redeemed that came out in 2017. LL. White has served in the Church of the Living God, p.g.t for 25 years and in the A.M.E. Zion Church. She also holds also a Master’s degree at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.


The newest release by LL. White has a lot of her strengths. With strong and powerful lyrics, the song brings a message of hope and unity, underscored by the visuals she uses in her music video. The song makes great use of her amazing vocal talents and has a beautiful melody that can be enjoyed by many listeners thanks to its fresh and gorgeous sound. It aligns completely with the artist’s stated mission to impact the world through music that unites and provides messages of hope to a society that truly needs it right now.

You can find LL. White on Instagram @beglorified04. On Spotify, you can find her music under the artistic name ‎LL. White on Damascus Rd. Her website talks at length about her music and also showcases her writing talents. Discover the music video for I Wish (I Could Be We) today and take a look at her huge song library as well.