‘Hi Love’ has crafted an incredible musical piece, ‘Arrows,’ from her latest R&B album Cold Wind!!

Hi Love shares her 3rd R&B/Soul track Arrows from the latest R&B album Cold Wind.

Arrows is certainly a notable track. If you want to listen to nice, soulful music, this song is definitely for you.

The melodious voice of the singer alone is enough to lure you in. The song is truly an amalgamation of love, peace, and spiritual elements. The singer certainly has a very melodious voice. It seems more like a beautifully composed poem rather than a song. And we absolutely adore the heartfelt music that accompanies her poetic lyrics. The beat also perfectly complements the song. The background music is just pleasant and merry, and this makes it the perfect song to listen to on any occasion. Whether you are driving to work, or just making a cup of tea for yourself, or taking a stroll, this is definitely an enjoyable song for any occasion. 




Hi Love has also changed her pitch in different parts of the song, and a combination of these elements makes this song so interesting. It is indeed a very difficult feat to achieve, and Hi Love has done it so seamlessly throughout the entire song. 

Arrows is a smooth 90’s hip-hop soul vibe that shares Hi Love’s advice to follow the arrow inside of us to help find our place in life. Arrows is a mellow tune and inspire listeners to stay focused on their journey through times of feeling lost. 

“Sometimes when you’re trying to find your way, and you make wrong turns and doors are closed, you feel like you need to do more. Sometimes you need to do less.” – Hi Love.

In the EP Cold Wind, Hi Love opens up about her personal relationships, struggles, and staying true to her purpose as an artist.

Overall, it is a very lighthearted song that is bound to improve your mood and have you singing along to the lyrics. Trust me; it is THAT catchy. You can’t help but move your hips along with the tunes. The sweet and melodious voice of the singer helps you forget all your troubles and sing along. 

Arrows by Hi Love is now available on all major music platforms, including Apple Music. Do check out this song if you haven’t, and you can follow her on social media to be updated about all her new releases! 

About Hi Love

Arrows by Hi Love

Hi Love, formally known as Kamilah Sumner is a veteran soul-piercing songstress originating from the Southside of Chicago. Her early career works include working with Kanye West, Grammy Award-Winning Producer Needlz. Music exec and Grammy Award-Winning Producer NO I.D.

Hi Love is an extremely talented artist, and she has given us one after another phenomenal song. Her songs are the personification of true love, peace, hope, and truth. Each lyric is carefully crafted to make an impact. She has such a refined voice, sweet and dainty, yet powerful and impactful in its own unique way. 

Hi Love is a star, and her music is the proof! To stay updated on the latest projects from Hi Love, visit her website.