Hassan Farrow has crafted incredible beats of R&B in the music album ‘So In Love’.

So In Love is the first solo release by Hassan Farrow, an emerging R&B artist. Here, he showcases his talents as both a singer and a songwriter, providing an exciting new sound within an established genre. Hassan brings his listeners a soulful and alluring set of vocals, lyrics, and melodies.

Hassan was born in Spain but raised in the United States. Currently, he is based in New York City, where he is starting to make a name for himself as an artist, distinguishing his work for its high quality and unique combination of talents that include singing, writing songs, doing vocal arrangements, modeling, acting, and even more. 


Hassan Farrow’s attraction to music started early on. As a child, he would become involved in any musical opportunity that crossed his way and, eventually, was able to get involved in the professional music scene as a high school student. During this time, he was able to work with Sony Music and Jive Records, two labels that will be familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in pop culture and current music as well. This was also a great opportunity for Hassan to try out what studio life was like and begin a life-long journey to become a professional artist. He has continuously worked on his writing, singing, and production skills that finally come to fruition with So In Love. He boasts a wide selection of musical interests, including R&B, Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and blues that also can be used to describe his music. As a genre-blending offering, it is likely to catch the eye of R&B lovers and those who are in search of something fresh and funky.

Although this is his first solo release, Hassan has been building a name for himself across the board. He has starred in commercials and also appeared in films, such as Hustlers and the recent Vampires vs. The Bronx release. With an impressive stage presence and a solid and pleasant voice, his new release has been generating some buzz and is another achievement on the road to success.

So In Love is a release by Hassan’s own label, Herb Harris Music Co, and as such truly reflects the artistic vision of the creator. With fantastic lyrics and vocals to match, it provides an intriguing new release that is likely to be followed by more amazing work. So In Love has 11 tracks, each with a distinct sound and top-notch performances, as well as slick and clever arrangements. The theme is in the name – the never-ending inspiration that can be drawn from love. Some signature tracks include the title So In Love and Shelter, which also has an official music video, showcasing Hassan as a performer and visual artist as well.

You can find Hassan on Instagram @thesoulspotlightStay tuned for more new releases, concert and gig announcements, and any updates on Hassan Farrow’s work in the music industry.