Los Angeles-based pop singer Hamid J’s playful release ‘Hold My Body’ creates a sensation in the music scene.


Hold My Body is the newest release from Hamid J, a talented pop singer from Los Angeles. Hold My Body is fun and dreamy, sensual and charming, bringing a lot of style and flair.

Hamid J was born in Iran, raised in Germany, and he arrived in Los Angeles to make his way in Hollywood towards fame. Hold My Body is meant to be sexy and appealing, without being too serious or sultry, with a heartthrob flair that is sure to make listeners fall in love with the artist. Here, Hamid J stands out for his swagger and style.

The song is proudly reflective of Hamid J’s experience as a member of the gay community, showing the complexities of his relationships and all the things involved in navigating a same-sex love life. It details in a relatable way the challenges in the dating scene, like people playing hard to get or not communicating their interest, which presents the process in a way that anyone can relate to and consider.

The song concerns looking for love with no reservations and everything we have to face, a journey that involves seeking unconditional love and all the hurdles involved in the process. Hold My Body is upbeat and fun but also has a lot of heart and relatability.
Hamid J surely provides music that resonates with anyone who is a bit of a romantic.

His upbeat and contagious energy will certainly thrill pop fans. He is reminiscent of artists like George Michael and Michael Jackson, with their non-stop enthusiasm and charisma. He offers a unique pop style and sound with lyrics inspired by the experiences that he hopes will be relatable to many people worldwide. His style can be described as upbeat and uplifting, drawing from the pop, groove, and 80’s synth to offer a unique mix that experiments with traditional pop structures and compositions. He has style, passion, and authenticity in spades and is ready to rise to his true potential.

Hold My Body is a charming preview of things to come and an accomplished piece in its own right. It has a lot of strength, passion, and energy, while still easy to listen to with a pleasant harmony and a happy beat that takes the listener on a journey.

You can listen to Hold My Body on all the major streaming platforms. Make sure to visit Hamid J’s official website to learn more about the artist and connect. Stay tuned for future releases, and don’t miss out on a rising pop star.


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