GzLz’s debut album ‘2 Faced’ is catchy, vulnerable & fun.

Freshly released in May, 2 Faced is the new album from GzLz, the rising producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. You can find it on all the major platforms, and it is set to be one of the most exciting releases in the indie sphere, offering a mix of genres and a thrilling music blend.

GzLz focuses on love and the chaos of romance in his debut work. The artist creates a relatable and powerful series of experiences that explore the theme in a novel way, offering each listener a unique interpretation depending on their own experiences and filters. Here, GzLz holds up a mirror to the listeners’ own stories. 

GzLz refuses to be tied to a specific genre and instead plays around to draw new sounds. He has explored and experimented broadly to create a distinct style that is unique to him and that blends the best elements from various genres. In addition to being eclectic and versatile, the artist creates catchy, thrilling sounds that offer vulnerable lyrics that encourage a deeply emotional experience and resonance with other people.

2 FACED is catchy, vulnerable, and fun. Each track has a deeper story to it, one that is up to the audience to discover, as the artist hopes to create an experience that allows everyone to find their own meanings and interpretations. 

GzLz discovered his love for music as he was growing up, when he learned to play the piano and the guitar, among other instruments. But the 2020 COVID quarantine led the artist to uncover DAW FI Studio. He was so fascinated by it that he decided to develop the potential of his music and create his own unique sound. The artist hopes to establish himself in the music industry with his well-defined sound and craft and begin his rise with 2 FACED.

Enjoy GzLz’s discography, and make sure to stay tuned for future releases.


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