GiGi Vega has released the lyric and dance video to her hit single ‘Watchu Tryna Do?’


GiGi Vega has released the lyric/dance video to her hit single “Watchu Tryna Do?”. This video is a follow-up to the official music video for “Watchu Tryna Do?”, released earlier this year.

GiGi Vega is a Billboard and iTunes chart-topping artist who went viral in 2020 with her debut TikTok song, Mistletoe Kiss. As the name suggests, Mistletoe Kiss was a Holiday-themed song adored by the public, receiving over 10 million views and award nominations, including one for the HMMA Awards. Mistletoe Kiss was #3 on the iTunes Dance chart and reached the Billboard charts and the Radio AC charts. It hit #1 on various markets and was even featured on a Netflix Christmas production, giving it a further boost. 

She worked with choreographer Roland Tabor to create and master the moves shown in the “Watchu Tryna Do?” lyric video. While rehearsing she took inspiration from famous pop singers and dancers such as Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Britney Spears. With exclusive productions, GiGi has also been quite popular on social media thanks to her viral videos and an effective strategy that has placed her in the public’s eye.

GiGi Vega has gained prominence not only as a singer but also as a dancer and choreographer. The dance and lyric video for Watchu Tryna Do? highlights her unique ability as a performer with a great presence and a sexy and yet classy style. 

Her extensive set of talents developed in her childhood. She started writing music alongside her father, a musician focused on jazz and spent a lot of her younger years on a theatre stage, which has helped develop a powerful presence. GiGi has worked on writing and performing since she was 12 years old. Accepted in the Boston Conservatory, she instead chose to go to LA and start growing her music career directly.


Watchu Tryna Do? already has over 1.7 million views, and they just keep on coming. The single featuring rapper TEC makes its way to #26 on the Billboard Pop charts.

GiGi is a rising star thanks to her successful debut, and Watchu Tryna Do? is definitely doing well too and is a worthy follow-up to Mistletoe Kiss with its intense popularity. GiGi is definitely going to bring many new interesting projects, and she is a name to watch out for in the pop industry. 

You can check out her Instagram @gigivegamusic.