Get swayed by the intoxicating indie-rock flavors in Big Bus Dream’s latest album ‘Giant in My Mind ’

Giant in My Mind is the newest album from Big Bus Dream, the project that comes as a result of a lot of hard work and reflection and, beyond that, a lifetime of overcoming obstacles. The album is an exciting and effective indie release, sure to find a lot of success. 

Giant in My Mind comes from a year and a half of writing, recording, and reflecting, following and exploring the ideas of a lifetime of obstacles that did not discourage the artists from making music.


Big Bus Dream was founded in 2006 by Mike Shannon, who also founded 4th Ward in 2000. The artist comes from the CBGB post-punk scene with his previous projects gaining a fair amount of recognition, with 4th Ward making it to the CMJ’s 200 Top National Charts with their debut and Big Bus Dream’s debut, making it to the top of several European charts and a feature on an MTV show. Mike Shannon’s own debut as a solo artist was equally well-received, and My Dream My Fantasy received accolades in 2017.

Big Bus Dream is an eclectic band that focuses on roots rock and electrified arrangement, with powerful lyrics that strive to make meaningful commentary and leave the listener with a strong message. Each element is distinct and full of passion, bringing to mind protest songs and anthems that resonate and have a lot of staying power. 

Giant in My Mind follows the footsteps of the previous releases by the band, with a lot of self-reflection and strong lyrics and melodies that hit hard and hit deep. The album was recorded during the unprecedented lockdown due to the equally unprecedented global pandemic. Each track is deep and full of serenity and perseverance, the ability to keep going after your dreams despite the hurdles, and 2020, if anything, and 2021 were years full of hurdles.

The band creates their sound and is not afraid to experiment. Their indie style is likely to please indie music fans looking for something more natural and pleasing. Mike Shannon’s journey has allowed him to open for bands like Hootie and The Blowfish and artists like Angie Aparo, so fans of these outfits and similar styles might find a lot to enjoy with Big Bus Dream.

The debut album by the band received many accolades from indie music reviewers and magazines, and Giant in My Mind measures up to its predecessor. A standout track is Operator, which also has a music video available on YouTube. Operator blends genres smoothly to create something distinctive with memorable lyrics that hit hard in the pandemic and post-pandemic times; described as a conversation with God when hitting rock bottom, it delivers depth and style. 

Check out Giant in My Mind on Spotify and other major music platforms. Make sure to watch the video for Operator, one of the breakout hits on a strong album. Follow Big Bus Dream and its members on Instagram @bigbusdream to stay tuned for future releases that will bring a lot more exciting things. 


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