Get an amazing musical experience with Singer & Songwriter Brandon Riley’s latest pop single ‘Marco Polo’.

Brandon Riley just dropped a new single, and fans are in love with it. Marco Polo by Brandon Riley is rising in popularity since its release.

One can never miss the electric beat and the mesmerizing vocals of the artist himself. If you love slow electric songs with an aura of old music, then this one is your fit. The background music, the mellow tune, and the unfathomable mystic lyrics transcend you to vibe in a timeless dimension. As you listen to the song, you feel your heart surging and the music resonating from every atom of your body.


Marco Polo shows how much effort and emotion the composer has invested in it. You can feel through him as he sings progressively in the song. He has sung it with such passion that you can’t resist but sing along with him, releasing the worldly burden aside. Once you play the soundtrack, the beat and lyrics will make you swirl your head and move your hips to the rhythm. The song is not limited to the music and the beat, but the song’s lyrics have a strong meaning and purpose. You can understand and relate to it. Marco Polo discusses the anxieties and difficulties of maintaining healthy relationships with those closest to us through bouts of depression and self-isolation.


Sung and Composed by Brandon Riley and Produced by Jack Elliot, the single Marco Polo is a sheer example of passion, enthusiasm, and salvation. After years of hard work, difficulties, and failure, Riley got a breakthrough with Marco Polo. Released on January 15, 2021, with a record label, ‘Good foot Front Records,’ the song marked the solo entry of Riley in the music industry. Recently, on March 19, Riley posted on Instagram and gave a shout-out to his followers for 10000 streams on Spotify.

The song will be on your repeat list for a long time. If you haven’t checked it out already, do give it a shot. You will definitely end up adding the song to your daily playlist.

Marco Polo by Brandon Riley is available on various platforms including Apple Music. You can even buy the track for $0.99 from Amazon

About Brandon Riley


Flappers and Fedoras. Prohibition. Parties and gangsters. Glamour and resilience. Class and frivolity. The Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression. Inspired by this period in American history, Brandon Riley decided to embody it. And not just the fashion. But the ideology that even in our darkest hour, we can rise to the occasion and have fun doing it. 

Brandon Riley grew up in the Kansas City area and, even from a young age, had old tastes. Artists like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were inspirations, and he thought to himself, “Now that would be a cool job.” Over the next few years, Brandon Riley continued honing in his skills as a guitarist, vocalist, pianist, and songwriter. After years of ups and downs, challenges, and triumphs, Brandon Riley began to search out other musicians who shared his music passion. Throughout high school and college, he was in several bands and professionally recorded and released music with each one. Years of working in bands provided Brandon Riley with opportunities for growth and learning, not only with music but also the business side and entrepreneurship involved in making music. Bands and other music projects came and went, and with that, Brandon Riley decided to embark on a solo project and hence, released Marco Polo

You can check out his Instagram @brandonrileysings.