Floodgate Operators is captivating everyone with their latest single, ‘Pieces on the Floor.’

Floodgate Operators is presenting their new single, Pieces on the Floor. With a unique bluegrass flavor, this piece is rich and nuanced, combining soft and pleasant guitar sounds with an exploration of relationships, break-ups, and all the complex emotions mixed up with these situations. The piece is sure to resonate with any listener who has experienced a break-up and the grief that can follow along with the end of a cherished relationship.

Pieces on the Floor follows the successful release of New Mexico Winds, the acclaimed single Floodgate Operators put out in January of this year. With a western indie sound and a rich exploration of relationships, this single is sure to continue the string of breakout hits from the band.

Floodgate Operators is a band from Crested Butte, Colorado. Kevin Doherty plays the twelve-string guitar, Ryan Maddux on the banjo, Scott Stewart on the six-string guitar, Zach Vaughter on the mandolin, and Sebastian Akesson on the bass. The group has been together since 2018, creating and performing original music with its own Western flavor. Their music is vibrant and full of life and heart, with a unique sound and a lot of emotion. The band released their debut EP, Drought Driven Days, in 2020.

Pieces on the Floor comes as a collaborative piece from Zach Vaughter and Kevin Doherty. It is centered on the idea of catharsis, on the mixed emotions and experiences coming with an end: the whole experience from regret to release to the ability to move forward. The end of a relationship is an unavoidable situation, so the song speaks to many and is certain to resonate with listeners who are in the process of moving forward from a relationship now.

This single is the second single from the upcoming album Flood the World, which will be launched in April of this year. Full of innovative compositions and a unique sound, thanks to their use of string music, Floodgate Operators are offering a novel experience for any fans of bluegrass or just of indie music who enjoy a nice guitar. With the beautiful sound and synergy of the band, they are sure to keep on rising through the ranks. Floodgate Operators offer tours and live shows in different places, which can be discovered on their website, so their music can also be enjoyed in person.

You can stream Pieces on the Floor on Spotify. It is also available on all other major music streaming platforms. You can learn more about the band through their website, and make sure to follow them on Instagram @floodgateoperators to stay tuned for any upcoming tours and live events.


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