Chicago based artist Fiel has churned out the magnificent number ‘Bubble Up’.


Bubble Up is the newest project from Fiel, a Chicago-based artist who is a master of hip-hop/rap. Bubble Up has already amassed over 290K plays on Spotify and is gunning for more.

Fiel is an artist with a significant trajectory. Previously, he used to be one half of the rap duo The Hoodgeekz and also a member of the Chicago Footworkingz, a professional crew featuring the very best footworkers of the city. Along with the group, Fiel got the chance to appear on America’s Best Dance Crew, America’s Got Talent, and 106 & Park, all recognized and popular shows. He also has been a part of a music video by top-level artists. His credits include Fighter Jet, Red Bottoms, Sip My Drink, and Watch My Feet, allowing him to collaborate with Caligula (in the video featuring Wiz Khalifa), Trina, Fast Eddy, and Dude n Nem.  

Since then, Fiel has gone solo to create his own music and other art. He has released other projects, like Had DreamsMy TimeBelieve It, and Piggy Bank, that have reached international audiences. Bubble Up is the newest release from this artist, coming as a new solo project. 

Bubble Up is, as the name suggests, a bubbly, fun tune that creates a dancing mood. It’s a fun song with an uplifting tune and message that is the perfect listen for the summer. Rap can often be a heavier genre, and Bubble Up is a great example of how it can also be fun and enjoyable, providing a great tune for any kind of dance floor. 

Fiel has over 40 thousand listeners on Spotify and has quite a lot of people across other platforms. The artist stands out for his unique and distinctive sound and top-quality production value that has distinguished him from aspiring rap artists. While he is working in a genre that is quite popular and even oversaturated, he offers enough novelty and effort to create unique music that can be appreciated by hip-hop fans and even those who might not always listen to this type of music.


Bubble Up works as a casual summer fun song and is meant to bring everyone a little joy after a particularly hard and challenging year. Dance to the catchy beat and follow along with the lyrics to get the right kind of vibe to enter July in a good mood. Bubble Up is an excellent option for hip-hop fans and also those looking for some feel-good, dance summer music to spice up their playlists and dance floors.

You can find Bubble Up on Spotify, and all the other major platforms focused on streaming music. Follow Fiel on YouTube to check out his channel and discover his amazing footwork and the music videos to come. Stay tuned for more new releases from Fiel. 

Fiel is rising quickly to the top and is likely to create even more music to resonate with audiences worldwide.