Featured in ‘Top 10 Artists to see Live in 2020 – Charlotte Grayson releases her album ‘Grow’


Successful musicians don’t just wait for opportunities to come to them – they create it themselves. Today, I am talking about one such popular Artist Charlotte Grayson – who is releasing her album Grow on 15th May.

She has been featured in ‘Top 10 Artists to See Live in 2019’ NE Volume. She has also been featured in ‘Top 10 Artists to see Live in 2020’ in That Verbally Withdrawn Music Blog.

About the Album

Most of us remember the exciting times when we stepped into teenage. It brings along memories of so many emotions – Friendship, First love, infatuation, breakups. Many successful artists create songs through experiences from their personal lives. 

This is what Charlotte Grayson has crafted in her new album Grow. The songs exude intelligence and are exceptionally well crafted about feelings of millennial youth. These songs will create a lasting impression on you when you listen to them. You can relate to the singer and can instantly form a connection with her.


There are a total 14 tracks in the album. 

Tiptoe (Official Single) 

All You Had To Do =SMASTER= 

Drunk Girls (Official Single) – 

Goodbye =SMASTER =

Grow Old =SMASTER=

What I Mean =SMASTER=

My Side of the Street =SMASTER=

People =SMASTER=

Old Flame (Official Single)

Sorry (Single)


Love You Anymore =SMASTER=

Party Of A Life =SMASTER=

Agree To Disagree Remix =SMASTER=

Each song is sprinkled with sustained lines. I must say, These are electrifying numbers that exude rhythmic intensity”. Tiptoe” is a fabulous way to begin the album. The song starts out with sharp guitars. ‘All You Have To Do’ shows a brave front of the singer. “Drunk Girls” is fun to listen to. It has intense lyrics.

It has a fusion of multiple tastes – Country ballads via songs – Grow Old, Old Flame, Goodbye. You will find Indie Jangle Pop in Tip Toe, All You Had To Do. Get the feel of 50’s Rock’ n’Roll ballads with Love You Anymore. If you like Indie Rock, then you will really like listening to Sorry.


“Grow Old” is a pretty good song that stays in your mind even when you are not listening to it. It is a tender expression and an excellent composition. The distinct feel of the acoustic atmosphere meeting nostalgic storytelling is appealing. Charlotte Grayson’s vocals are impressive and expressive.

Charlotte Grayson is a great singer. The crisp and precise percussion of acoustic guitar dominates the songs throughout. These are so very relatable! I loved listening to them. What about you?

Do listen to her album now and follow her on Instagram to stay updated with the latest releases.


About Charlotte Grayson


She is a Singer-Songwriter from Hartlepool, North East coast of England. She started gigging at an early age of 14. Initially, she used to perform on the local open mic circuit. She instantly gathered fame and was soon playing gigs for some of the region’s most renowned independent promoters. 

Her first foray into songwriting began In 2016 when she completed a half-finished Melanie Martinez song ‘Where Do Babies Come From.’ The video of this session became viral and gathered more than 350K views on YouTube, and it still continues to be popular. 


In 2018, she signed with Shy Bairn Records and delivered 2 digital singles in the same year. These were ‘Something To Miss’ and ‘Maybe.’ She performed her first BBC Introducing Session the same year, on the back of which ‘Maybe’ became ‘Track of the Week’ gaining daytime airplay.

The songs have been mixed, mastered, and produced by Mark Aubrey (He was previously head engineer at Ray Davies KonkStudio’s & EMI Publishing). Mark has worked with an extensive range of artists, including Kylie Minogue, Mr. Hudson, Bloc Party, So Solid Crew, Elastica & The Sugababes.