Rapper ISA shares the importance of consistency and giving your best in his latest track ‘Every Time’

‘Every Time’ is the new breakout track from rapper ISA, who has been giving his all during this year with fresh releases that have been popular with his fans. ‘Every Time’ is available on all the main digital streaming platforms, including Spotify.

ISA has put out various songs since the start of 2021, including First, Extra, and Killers Cry. ‘Every Time‘ is the most recent offering, focusing on the artist’s experiences in jail and his conversations with the inmates at the time. ISA says that many inmates talked to him about their regrets and the things they would be doing if they were out. So, ISA was inspired to get into music once he got out, and he swore he would put everything into it. ‘Every Time’ reflects this commitment in every possible way – through the message about the importance of consistency and giving your all, through the music itself, and through the hard work of the artist. 


ISA cites among his influences artists like Nipsey Hussle, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, and other modern and classic rappers. His music offers a distinct sound, something extremely needed for any artist to be recognized in the indie and mainstream rap scene.  

ISA is a multi-talented artist, vocalist, and rapper born and based in Chicago. He uses his experiences to create a unique sound and tracks that tell authentic stories grounded in reality. His music is relatable to the people who have grown in the struggle and violence of the inner city in Chicago and other towns. The sound is original and fresh, infused with a deep sense of meaning and life experiences that provide it with a background that enhances its impact on the listener. The raw emotion that the song transmits makes it more effective and draws attention to the story, not just the beat.

Rap often is viewed as a genre in need of a new message and a new style, and ISA definitely has something to offer in both regards. He wants to make his voice and message heard through raw energy and a unique style, always striving for genuine engagement and pursuing a dream with everything he has got.

Every Time’ follows a string of effective releases and can draw the attention of any rap fan looking for something new and raw. The music is raw and solid, with a strong message that can resonate with many who want some inspiration to keep working towards their goal. ISA has been rising in popularity, and the song really shows why.

You can follow ISA on Spotify and on Instagram @isa_of_gmf. Stay tuned for future releases, and ISA has extensive creative plans that are likely to help him grow a bigger following. As an emerging artist, he is working hard to establish his brand and connect with listeners.

See what ISA will be bringing next and the stories he will tell through his music.