New York-based artist Esglo casts a powerful spell with the EDM Rhythms in his album ‘Poetic Trance’

poetic trance

Released in August, Poetic Trance is Esglo’s third commercially released album. With vulnerability and emotional openness, the album is an exciting, unique EDM work that is sure to thrill fans of the genre and, certainly, fans of the artist as well.

Poetic Trance certainly lives up to its name and leaves listeners fascinated and immersed in the album’s soundscape. It brings forth traces of retro and modern pop melodies backed by edgy and futuristic instrumentals, creating a memorable experience for the listeners. It brings a whole series of emotional life experiences, all set to a sharp and shifting sound. Each track is its own work of art with high quality and a deep understanding of the genre, allowing Esglo to experiment and play with expectations. The music is intense, bringing the listener through highs and lows.


Esglo is a first-generation Latin-American who grew up in the Heights. His passion for music began when he was very young and was first exposed to new urban dance music. That music made him want to make his sound, inspired by his creativity and the amazing things surrounding him. He first started writing lyrics in high school.

His love for EDM was there from the start, and with time, it only grew as he entered the club scene and started producing his music and working with other specialists in the area. His music can be described as free and artistic, often focused on the darker aspects of life and the deepest corners of New York that he uses for inspiration.

Even if EDM provides the basis for what his music is, it goes beyond the genre, infusing it with pop elements that draw from modern and retro music and a futuristic feel that is very distinctive. His music takes a different approach to many EDM songs, with a more familiar sound in terms of vocals and lyrics and reduced use of samples and loops. In addition to pop, he draws from Freestyle, House, and Trance. All the influences are included sharply in the tracks to create something new and crips and very unique.

Another distinctive characteristic, Esglo uses other forms of artistic expressions, such as visual art and experimental influences on his sound. In addition, Esglo has a recording studio of his own, Dreamtime Productions, which allows him to experiment and try novel approaches to continue to produce new music.

Poetic Trance is sure to appeal to fans of EDM who are looking for a novel takes on the genre, as well as those hoping to discover more of the indie scene.

You can find Poetic Trance on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. Also, check out Esglo’s website and Instagram @esglomusic.


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