Eminent Music duo Sapeur.Wav has composed eclectic beats of alternative rock in the cracking EP ‘Universe Provides.’

The duo sapeur.wav has released a new EP Universe Provides, and we love the R&B and bedroom pop vibes.

This EP is a result of the collaborative efforts of singer/songwriter Katrell and a fellow singer as well as producer Numonics. They aim to gain an aura of diverse fan following as their songs feature a mixed genre of alternative rock and funk with some additional styles. The band usually expresses its music with soul and funk sounds. However, Universe Provides is a fun switch towards R&B and bedroom pop.


It is a six-track EP with the opening track named “Overshadowed Doubts”. The vocal tonality of Katrell fits perfectly with Numonics’ instrumentation. From a thematic point of view, the music is based on how the universe provides us with everything that we can utilize to move towards our goals. The second track, “Royalty,” is also an extension of this idea. This time, the harmonies and beats reach directly to the point and reflect a kind of love that is outright but also impulsive to an extent. It reflects the idea that although chaos and disorder are inevitable, so is growth.

The third track, “Runnin,” highlights a burst of anger and confusion. However, also the willingness and efforts to repair the tension. The remaining half of the album is started by “March.” This track shows how this growth is often taken for granted as well. The final title track of the EP depicts the main idea of hope. However uncertain the hardships might seem, a better and brighter time would soon appear on the horizon.


Universe Provides aims to show love, positivity, and magic, and this is what sapeur.wav is all about. It reflects the impression that the universe presents everything to you to make your dreams come to reality. Katrell believes that there is a lot of negativity in music already. He would want to be a person who chooses joy and love above all the other aspects of life. This is apparently the inspiration behind the creation of Universe Provides.

Overall, it is an impressive and diverse piece of music that is readily enjoyable that captures the reality of human struggle. Both Numonics that Katrell portrayed something personable to the audience. The joyful and calm instrumentation followed by impulsiveness of love and confusion mirrors the essence of suffering in life.

Universe Provides raised the bar to an unimaginable extent with this diverse and creative release. We are excited to see what other projects the talented duo has in store for the audience. Follow sapeur.wav on Instagram and other social media platforms to check out the news of the latest projects.

If you haven’t checked out, the latest EP Universe Provides, then stop waiting. We recommend doing so right now and adding it to your playlist as well. Universe Provides is available on all major music platforms, including Spotify and SoundCloud. Go check it out!!