Electronica at its best – Check out the album Six BC by Bruce Cohen

Hi Friends, you know I love listening to various music genres. Today, I bring to you another fantastic album from Electronica Genre – Six BC by Bruce Cohen released by Tarock Music.

I would suggest you put on your headphones, close your eyes, and experience the ten track exceptional music journey!

The album blends ambient, experimental, funk grooves and percussion in abundance. It is a delightful musical composition that brings out a sense of adventure. The electronica feels so intense and dramatic. I really liked listening to the rhythmic sound that is unequivocally contemporary. The beats in the music create a mysterious and pleasant aura. You would love listening to it when you are sitting in a club enjoying drinks with friends. The stimulating and precise percussion dominates the scene throughout.

It has some fantastic ambient tracks:

  • Under The Nova – The album starts with this. It is a rousing number that oozes rhythmic energy.
  • A Simple Step – A mysterious groove having a mix of synth and organ sounds.
  • Rated Are – A rampage of Afro-Latin percussion with sounds swirling in-and-out producing electronic madness.
  • Prelude For Oodako – This one has Bruce’s signature EDM style.
  • Mr. Harrison – It is a tribute to Beatle with synths and organ swirling around to produce a different, enigmatic Eastern feel.
  • Dance Of Mogera – An explosion of percussive beats!
  • Sunrise Over The Moon – This one is intense and spacey.
  • Moove – Ambient funk.
  • Which Is Which – It leaves the listener marveling about which is the synth, and which is the organ.
  • Fooled Who – It is a tribute to The Who, with pulsating drums and thumping synths building on top of each other, making you feel euphoric.

When I was listening to it, I felt a mysterious feel to it that made the music so much attractive. I liked the album so much that I had put it on repeat mode and thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. I am gonna keep on listening to it for quite some time now, that’s for sure!


About Bruce Cohen


Bruce has been releasing his solo albums since 2009. He has earlier released popular albums One BC released in 2009 which has German electronic minimalism. Two BC released in 2011 which expands on his earlier ambient electronic themes, but are more danceable. Three BC – In a trance released in 2015, It’s all about EDM and trance. With Four BC, released in 2017, Cohen came back with his ambient electronic roots. Five BC released in 2018, a mix of ambient, electronic and the element of funk. Six BC is the latest 2020 episode of Cohen’s signature electronic journey. You can check out more about Bruce Cohen here.

Check out the music on Spotify and Soundcloud. You can also check out TarockMusic on Instagram.

I have added it to my playlist 🙂 What about you?