Electropop Artist YellaCatt has etched out sassiest beats in the single ‘Drums of Fate’.

Multi-talented artist YellaCatt is back with another hit, Drums of Fate. It is a fresh new track with a music video coming later in 2021.

The song is a pop ballad about the unsaid truth that can spring to life even when it seems too late. With a lot of heart and a deep message that can resonate with anyone, this electro pop track combines a dynamic, hypnotic beat with a heartfelt and beautiful chorus to create a unique mixture that reaches deep into the listeners’ hearts and tugs at all the right strings to produce a deep impact.

Deeply influenced by the blues, rock, and electronica, YellaCatt writes and makes music from the shores of the Salish Sea. In addition to her musical talents, YellaCatt defines herself as a sound healer and visual artist, creating a wholly new sound with soothing and beautiful beats for empowerment and support. She works with producer Jonny Joon. As a visual artist, she creates headpieces under the artistic name The Plumed Serpent. Her visual art skills become evident in the work she does for her covers and promotional photos, featuring elaborate and gorgeous designs that add to the mystique and allure of her creative projects. YellaCatt has mighty ambitions and a lot of talent to back them up – she intends to build a sonic multiverse that taps into something deeper, not just music to listen to and discard, but something that can stay in mind and heart of the audience.

YellaCatt’s Drums of Fate stand out for their mystic vibes and the powerful aesthetic that makes it a memorable track in the genre and beyond. YellaCatt provides a cosmic series of creations that distinguish her from other artists and make her a name to look out for.


Drums of Fate conveys a powerful underlying message. The song is inspiring and hopeful and likely to reach many different people. A discussion of how unsaid things can still come to light and bring people together is something that can be powerful for many who have experienced unrequited feelings, be it in love or something else. With alluring and sexy electro beats and a charming pop sound, Drums of Fate is a great option for fans of electropop, pop, and dance music, looking for songs with substance. Check out YellaCatt’s other work to enter the universe she is building through her music for some cosmic beats to dance to and to make you think. This artist is looking to create something truly unique and cohesive through her music, lyrics, visual style, and beyond, working to build a distinctive and alluring presence that is likely to please many listeners.

You can find Drums of Fate on all major music platforms. Follow YellaCatt on Instagram @yellacatt.music and check out her website for more information and to make sure you don’t miss any new releases.