Drown yourself in the upbeat guitar nodes from The Arcadeans new release 99 Reasons


The Arcadeans are bringing their new release, 99 Reasons, a thrilling and vibrant post-pandemic offering. The Arcadeans are an Irish band who offer a highly versatile music style with influences that range from 60s music to modern beats and sounds. Their style is influenced by artists and composers like Phil Lynott, Keith Richards, Rory Gallagher, Nic Cester, Noel Gallagher, and Billie Joe Armstrong. All this creates a novel style with a unique combination of harmonies and a lot of love for guitar music.

This is not their first release. It follows a series of successful and intriguing CD and EP pieces: Big BlueAnother DayMiles & Miles, and others. But even among this line of great releases, 99 reasons stand out as a strong piece that makes up a unique post-pandemic album.

The Arcadeans perfectly capture the mood of two years in lockdown, that is all about staying hopeful even if the present is unbearably difficult. It centers on themes of frustration, indecision, and the anticipation of something better yet to come. 

This is a great blend of punk and rock with a catchy, upbeat melody that is sure to keep listeners nodding along and singing along as soon as they learn how to. The track is sure to please fans of melodic rock who might enjoy artists like Eric Clapton or Keith Richards but who are looking for something distinctive and versatile.

The Arcadeans are a unique blend of power, harmony, and gorgeous vocals. They define their style as melodic rock and indie blues, but they do a little bit of everything. They are based in Cork, Ireland, and have been featured in various Irish and international collections. In particular, 99 Reasons was part of the acclaimed triple CD collection from International Pop Overthrow, in the volume 23. This band has also rocked the Liverpool Cavern Club in 2022 for the IPO 2022 Music Festival, and pre-pandemic and pre-lockdown, they have been featured regularly on this festival as guests since 2015. 99 Reasons was released in August of 2022 and has already amassed thousands of streams and fans. The unique and vibrant sound, the catchy music, and other elements make this a must-listen for music fans.


You can find The Arcadeans on their website. Follow them on social media at Facebook and Instagram, where you can find them as thearcadeans as well. In addition, you can find their music on Spotify and all the other major streaming platforms. 

If you like 99 Reasons and all other pieces from The Arcadeans’ back catalog, stay tuned for their upcoming CD, which will be released in early 2023 with brand new 12 tracks, one of which is 99 Reasons. Follow the band on social media and listen on Spotify to be the first one to hear about this new release and enjoy the tracks that The Arcadeans will be setting free into the world.


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