With powerful vocals and strong energy, music artist DISTRXCT brings his latest release, Do It To It (Remix)


DISTRXCT brings his new underground hip-hop release, Do It To It (Remix). With powerful vocals, strong energy, and a lot of experimentation, the song is a must for anyone looking to enjoy music from beyond the mainstream.

DISTRXCT is an experimental artist through and through, from his presentation to his choice not to identify clearly with a genre. He is currently focused on underground hip-hop but does not consider himself a rapper because of the experiments he does with his music, his versatility, and his work with different styles. He draws inspiration and sounds from various genres in addition to rap, such as house, dance and EDM, drill, and many more. His music is characterized by 808 beats and energetic vocals. 

The artist also keeps his face hidden by a balaclava that has become his signature. It expresses well his desire to be original and authentic in his music without letting too much stuff get in the way of his artistic expression. It is unique and to the point. 

The balaclava is also a sign of his edgy style. His songs are characterized by melodic and unique beats that stick with the listener. His delivery is distinguished by an aggressive and strong vocal style with powerful lyrics as well. The remix of Do It To It focuses more on the electronic beats and melody, creating a different style inspired by house. With a provocative visual style and edgy titles, as can be seen in other works from this artist, DISTRXCT has music that is sure to be enjoyed by those looking for something more experimental, mysterious, and beyond the mainstream.

His music is likely to please those looking for a more serious and challenging listening experience that puts the song first beyond the artist’s own identity that is reflected in the tracks and the lyrics. The music is an experience on its own with a lot of ideas and thoughts and styles combined and blended to make something truly unique. The music breaks genre barriers, so it can be enjoyed, especially by those who want something unusual that goes beyond the boundaries of rap or electronic music and can draw from many sources. 

The style DISTRXCT cultivates is rough and edgy with an urban flavor and even some aggressive and explicit ideas that are clear in the lyrics and the videos. However, it offers an authentic experience that is not censored or toned down and that takes the listener through different emotions and moods. With titles like Sickness or Hustle and distinctive, provocative covers, his music catalog is definitely worth a listen for anyone who feels drawn to experimental and sharp music that plays with genres easily and smoothly.


You can find the artist on all the major music platforms, including Spotify, where he has reached thousands of listeners per month. In addition, you can follow his Instagram @realdistrxct to discover more about this mysterious figure and stay tuned for future releases that are sure to offer more experimental and intriguing work. 


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