Albert Mikkelsen is spreading his musical aura through the latest track, Demerol.

Albert Mikkelsen is thrilling fans with his latest track, Demerol, a dark and compelling piece that takes the audience through a journey of desire, insecurity, and a mix of other emotions. It strives to explore the edges of human emotion to create an explosive mix of genres and feelings that allows the listener to go on a wild ride of sound featuring hints of pop, hip-hop, metal, and electronic music that blend to create something new, unique, and definitely engaging.

Mikkelsen draws inspiration from recognized artists who masterfully work with the darkness of human nature to create ambiguous and captivating songs, like Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and David Bowie. The influence of these artists is notorious in his music, and fans of the singers and bands might find a strong new voice in Albert Mikkelsen that is likely to please them.

Mikkelsen stands out thanks to his emotional power that resonates through both the sound and the lyrics. He offers deep, poetic texts for each new song that allows the listeners to build a strong sense of empathy for the characters in the stories he tells through his music.


Demerol, in particular, is the story of love, but love that is not sought for the right reasons but instead for those that turn it into a disaster. Mikkelsen offers cinematic tracks that leverage the power of various mediums to tell stories to create memorable and novel artistic experiences.

Mikkelsen’s love for music started when he was young, growing up in Barcelona, discovering artists like Michael Jackson, who would go on to influence his sound. Since he was a child, he imagined himself making music and started collecting records and connecting more with this art. By 12, Mikkelsen knew that music was his true love.
Albert Mikkelsen is working to create new, original music that doesn’t fit with the conventions that often limit artistic creation in the area. Demerol is an excellent demonstration of all the talent that the artist has to bring. It pushes boundaries in lyrical and musical terms.

Albert Mikkelsen is likely to be a good fit for listeners who enjoy darker music that is not afraid to engage with deep themes and a lyrical style reminiscent of literary poetry. He continuously pushes the boundaries of music, so he offers something very fresh and interesting in terms of genre. He is likely to provide an enjoyable experience to anyone looking for something new and exciting that steps outside of the current mainstream conventions of different musical genres. With creative new approaches, Demerol and other tracks by Mikkelsen are sure to thrill many listeners.

Demerol can be streamed on Spotify and all the main music platforms. Follow this talented artist on Instagram @albertcmikkelsen to be the first one to learn about his new releases.


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